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In 2014, the Superfund Program implemented a new information system, the Superfund Enterprise Management System (SEMS). Efforts to migrate data to SEMS and to enhance data quality control are now in the final stages. The Program will continue to rely on the final CERCLIS data set (dated November 12, 2013, which reflects official end of Fiscal Year 2013 Program progress) for public reporting until a complete and accurate SEMS data set is available.



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OU Action Name Qualifier Lead Actual Start Actual Completion
00  DISCOVERY     12/24/1990  
00  PRELIMINARY ASSESSMENT 10/06/1993  10/06/1993  
00  SITE INSPECTION 09/13/1994  03/06/1995  
00  SITE REASSESSMENT 09/24/2004  09/29/2004  

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