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In 2014, the Superfund Program implemented a new information system, the Superfund Enterprise Management System (SEMS). Efforts to migrate data to SEMS and to enhance data quality control are now in the final stages. The Program will continue to rely on the final CERCLIS data set (dated November 12, 2013, which reflects official end of Fiscal Year 2013 Program progress) for public reporting until a complete and accurate SEMS data set is available.



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The below list only includes contaminants identified as contaminants of concern (COCs) for this site. COCs are the site-specific chemical substances that the health assessor selects for further evaluation of potential health effects. Identifying contaminants of concern is a process that requires the assessor to examine contaminant concentrations at the site, the quality of environmental sampling data and the potential for human exposure.

Media Contaminant Contaminant Group
Soil 2,3,7,8-TETRACHLORODIBENZO-p-DIOXIN (TCDD)  Dioxins/Dibenzofurans 
Soil, Soil 4,4-DDT  Persistant Organic Pollutants 
Groundwater, Groundwater ALDRIN  Persistant Organic Pollutants 
Soil ALUMINUM (METAL)  Metals 
Soil ANTIMONY  Metals 
Groundwater AROCLOR-1016  PCBs 
Soil AROCLOR-1260  PCBs 
Groundwater, Soil ARSENIC  Metals 
Soil BARIUM  Metals 
Soil CADMIUM  Metals 
Soil CHROMIUM  Metals 
Soil COPPER  Metals 
Soil, Soil DIELDRIN  Persistant Organic Pollutants 
Groundwater, Groundwater HEPTACHLOR  Persistant Organic Pollutants 
Groundwater HEPTACHLOR EPOXIDE  Pesticides 
Groundwater, Soil IRON  Metals 
Soil LEAD  Metals 
Groundwater, Soil MANGANESE  Metals 
Soil MERCURY  Metals 
Soil ZINC  Metals 

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