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Record of Decision System (RODS)



City & State:  BEDFORD  MA  01730
EPA ID:  MA6170023570
EPA Region:  01
NPL Status:  Currently on the Final NPL
ROD Type:  Record of Decision
ROD ID:  EPA/541/R-00/003
ROD Date:  09/28/2000
Operable Unit(s):  03
Abstract:  Site 2, Operable Unit (OU) 3, Components Laboratory Fuel Tank is located near the northeastern edge of the Naval
Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant (NWIRP) Bedford.

The Initial Assessment Study (IAS) indicated that several hundred gallons of number 6 fuel oil had leaked from the underground storage tank at Site 2 in 1983. The underground storage tank and contaminated soil were excavated and removed from the site. Site 2 was considered to be a potential source of contamination due to the presence of petroleum related constituents in soil at the site. Groundwater in this area has not been impacted by the soil contamination.

Soil, soil vapor, and groundwater samples were collected in the vicinity of the Components Laboratory Fuel Tank to identify the source(s) of contamination and delineate the extent of contamination related to Site 2.

For the purposed of site evaluation, the Navy has assumed that there will be unrestricted use of Site 2, and that future site use could be residential with no controlled access. The groundwater underlying Site 2 is being addressed separately by the cleanup process for other operable units and sites at NWIRP.

A ROD addressing OU 3 at this site was completed in September 2000.
Remedy:  This Record of Decision (ROD) sets forth the No Further Action decision for site 2, Operable Unit (OU) 3. There are no principle or low-level threats at Site 2. No further action is necessary at Site 2 to protect human health and the environment. Site 2, OU 3, is one of four operable units at the site. The four operable units were defined based on their specific site problems and the actions performed to address the problems over time. Site 2 was defined based in a release to soils in a limited geographical portion of Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant (NWIRP) Bedford. Site 2 has been addressed independently from the rest of NWIRP Bedford so that the Navy can proceed with closure of this site as soon as it has met requirements of the Superfund process. Since No Further Action is proposed for Site 2, the ROD for this site can be completed this year. The proposed no further action for Site 2 is not expected to have any impact in the strategy or progress for the rest of the sites at NWIRP Bedford.

Because this No Further Action decision will not result in hazardous substances remaining on-site above levels that allow for unlimited use and unrestricted exposure, a five-year review will not be required for this remedial action.


Estimated Capital Cost: Not provided
Estimated O&M Cost: Not provided
Estimated Present Worth Cost: Not provided
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