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Address:  RTE 113 
City & State:  DOVER  DE  19901
County:  KENT
EPA ID:  DE8570024010
EPA Region:  03
NPL Status:  Currently on the Final NPL
ROD Type:  Record of Decision
ROD ID:  EPA/ROD/R03-96/236
ROD Date:  09/24/1996
Operable Unit(s):  07
Media:  soil
Contaminant:  SVOCs, chlorinated solvents, pesticides, VOCs, PCBs, BTEX, benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene, methylene chloride
Abstract:  Please note that the text in this document summarizes the Record of Decision for the purposes of facilitating searching and retrieving key text on the ROD. It is not the officially approved abstract drafted by the EPA Regional offices. Once EPA Headquarters receives the official abstract, this text will be replaced.

Dover Air Force Base (DAFB) Operable Unit 7 addresses an area of contaminated soil in the immediate vicinity of the Landfill D-10 golf course (LF18); located along its southern boundary. LF18 is a former landfill in the South Management Unit and is located at the base golf course.

DAFB is located in Dover, Delaware and is bounded to the southwest by the St. Jones River. DAFB comprises approximately 4,000 acres of land, including annexes, easements, and leased property. The surrounding area is primarily cropland and wetlands.

DAFB began operation in 1941. Since then, various military services have operated out of DAFB. The present host organization is the 436th Airlift Wing. Its mission is to provide global airlift capability, including transport of cargo, troops, equipment, and relief supplies.

LF18 consists of a former landfill and the area immediately downgradient of the landfill. The landfill was used in the mid-1950s for the disposal of general refuse, drums of waste solvents, and other shop wastes. The disposal area consisted of four trenches that were reportedly filled with refuse. Based on interviews with personnel familiar with site operations, the trenches were dug below the level of groundwater and backfilled with waste material. When disposal activities ceased in 1959, the landfill was covered with several feet of local soil and seeded with grass. The site was subsequently converted to a portion of the DAFB golf course in 1960.

The area immediately downgradient of the landfill was also used for the disposal of waste materials. The type of waste disposed of in this location was a substance having the appearance of waste oil. Previous investigations in this area have identified the presence of soil contamination and noted the presence of a free oil phase.

Findings revealed that free phase was present in a monitoring well situated in the southern portion LF18 downgradient of the former landfill. The free phase was analyzed and found to contain volatile fuel constituents, chlorinated solvents, semivolatile organic compounds, pesticides, and possibly polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). Distinct groundwater plumes of the volatile fuel constituents-benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene (BTEX)-originate from this source area. Other detected groundwater constituents that appear to be contributed by this source are methylene chloride and several pesticides.

This Record of Decision (ROD) addresses the petroleum-based source of potentially hazardous constituents present in LF18 soil.
Remedy:  The selected remedy consists of the excavation of soil contaminated with waste fuel constituents, chlorinated solvents, and pesticides; and the off-site treatment of the excavated soil by recycling as an asphalt aggregate. Final evaluation of the performance of this interim remedy, remediation of contaminated groundwater beneath the site, and compliance with applicable or relevant and appropriate requirements will occur in the final basewide Record of Decision.
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