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Address:  MARYLAND ROUTE 175 
City & State:  ODENTON  MD  21113
EPA ID:  MD9210020567
EPA Region:  03
NPL Status:  Currently on the Final NPL
ROD Type:  Record of Decision
ROD ID:  EPA/541/R-00/058
ROD Date:  09/29/2000
Operable Unit(s):  07
Abstract:  Fort George G. Meade (FGGM) is located in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Prior to Base Closure and Realignment (BRAC), FGGM occupied 13,596 acres of land in the northwest corner of Anne Arundel County. It is bounded on the north by the Baltimore-Washington Parkway and by the Patuxent River to the south.

The facility was authorized by Congress in 1917 as a training cantonment for troops during World War I. During the 1940s, the facility underwent widespread growth to accommodate several regiments who moved their base of operations to FGGM, including the Second U.S. Army and the Eleventh Cavalry. Tipton Army Airfield was completed in 1963, replacing a small airstrip that has been in operation since 1928.

In 1988, BRAC mandated the closure and/or realignment of approximately 9,000 acres, encompassing the southernmost two-thirds of the installation. In 1991, the Army transferred 7,600 of the 9,000 acres to the Department of Interior's Patuxent Research Refuge (PRR), formerly known as the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center (PWRC). A second land transfer of approximately 500 acres to the PRR took place in January 1993.

The Tipton Airfield Area parcel, comprised of one Inactive Landfill, the Tipton Airfield, the airfield infrastructure and adjacent areas, covers approximately 366 acres of the remaining property. The helicopter hangar area is located at the northwest corner of the airfield, adjacent to the Little Patuxent River. The former fire training area is located off Airfield Road and is north of the airfield and east of the helicopter hangar.

FGGM was placed on the National Priorities List (NPL) in July 1998.
Remedy:  The Army, with the support of the EPA has determined that no further action with monitoring is necessary to protect human health at the Clean Fill Dump (CFD) Operable Unit (OU) 7 at Fort George G. Meade. Under the no further action with groundwater monitoring alternative, no further remedial action will be taken at the CFD based upon both the current and anticipated future level of risk posed by contamination at the CFD. This remedy entails no additional response action. The site is considered to be left "as is" with no additional land use restrictions, containment, removal, treatment, or other mitigating measures. Chemicals were found at concentrations with USEPA's acceptable cancer risk range if the groundwater were used by site workers for potable purposes. Land use restrictions at the CFD add another level of protection by prohibiting use without further protection.

Estimated Capital Cost: Not provided
Estimated Annual O&M Cost: Not provided
Estimated Present Worth Cost: Not provided
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