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Address:  1200BIGLERSVILLE RD, RTE 34 N 
City & State:  GETTYSBURG  PA  17325
County:  ADAMS
EPA ID:  PAD043882281
EPA Region:  03
NPL Status:  Currently on the Final NPL
ROD Type:  Record of Decision
ROD ID:  EPA/ROD/R03-92/148
ROD Date:  06/30/1992
Operable Unit(s):  01
Media:  Ground Water
Contaminant:  VOCs
Abstract:  SITE HISTORY/DESCRIPTION: The approximately 90-acre Westinghouse Elevator Plant is a manufacturing plant for elevator and escalator components in Cumberland Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania. The surrounding land is mixed residential and small commercial properties with the Gettysburg Battlefield National Park to the south. The site is located within the watershed of Rock Creek, a small stream that receives discharge from the northern tributary that traverses the site. Ground water is the only source of potable water and area residents near the site rely on municipal or private wells for drinking supply. Prior to its current use, most of the property consisted of farm land. From 1968 to the present, the facility has used degreasing solvents, paints, and cutting and lubricating oils in the manufacturing process for elevator and escalator components. Waste solvents, paint sludge, oils, and greases were stored in various areas at the site for offsite disposal. In 1983, after complaints from local residents,the state initiated an investigation that revealed soil, sediment, and widespread ground water contamination with VOCs. In November 1983, Westinghouse removed a total of 43 drums of contaminated soil from two areas of the site. In 1984, Westinghouse installed an air stripping tower to treat contaminated ground water and constructed water mains to provide affected residents with access to the public water supply. Since 1984, Westinghouse has installed several public water main extensions for affected residences and also installed monitoring wells in the area. In 1987, EPA ordered Westinghouse to perform an RI/FS at the site. Schindler Elevator Corporation has leased and operated the plant building since 1989. In 1991, there was a TCA spill at the site, which was then, and is currently owned by Westinghouse Elevator. This ROD addresses remediation of dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPLs) in the fractured bedrock and the highly contaminated ground water resulting from contact with DNAPLs. Additional soil investigations are necessary because of the recent TCA spill; and this will be addressed in a subsequent ROD. The primary contaminants of concern affecting the ground water are VOCs, including TCA, TCE, and 1,1-DCE. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS OR GOALS: Chemical-specific clean-up goals for ground water are based on SDWA MCLs and non-zero MCLGs for VOCs, including TCE 5 ug/l; TCA 200 mg/l; and 1,1-DCE 7 ug/l; and State Water Quality Criteria for discharge to surface water. The state standard for ground water cleanup to background levels is waived due to technical impracticability. Emission reduction from the air stripper/adsorber will be reduced to the minimum obtainable levels through the use of best available technologies. INSTITUTIONAL CONTROLS: Deed restrictions will be placed on the Westinghouse Plant property to prevent any use of the ground water until EPA and the state have determined that cleanup goals have been met from monitoring results.
Remedy:  SELECTED REMEDIAL ACTION: The selected remedial action for this site includes pumping and treatment of ground water using air stripping from both the onsite area, in the center of the contamination plume in contact with the DNAPLs; and the offsite area, downgradient from the center of the plume, to control migration of dissolved contaminants; discharging the treated water offsite to surface water; treating air emissions using carbon adsorption, and recycling and/or disposal of the spent carbon offsite at a RCRA facility; monitoring ground water and residential wells; and implementing institutional controls including deed restrictions to restrict the use of onsite ground water. The estimated present worth cost for this remedial action is $4,400,000, which includes an annual O&M cost of $142,000 for 30 years.
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