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City & State:  CHESTERFIELD COUNTY  VA  23237
EPA ID:  VA3971520751
EPA Region:  03
NPL Status:  Currently on the Final NPL
ROD Type:  Record of Decision
ROD ID:  EPA/ROD/R03-92/141
ROD Date:  05/15/1992
Operable Unit(s):  01
Media:  soil
Contaminant:  VOCs; Benzene; PCE; TCE; Toluene; Xylenes; other organics; PAHs; Pesticides; Phenols; metal; Arsenic; Chromium; Lead; acids; oils.
Abstract:  SITE HISTORY/DESCRIPTION: The 640-acre U.S. Defense General Supply Center (DGSC) is a military support, service, and storage facility located approximately 11 miles south of the City of Richmond, Virginia. Land use in the area is predominantly residential and wooded, with the James River located approximately 1 mile east of the site. Although the site overlies a shallow aquifer, residences in the area are serviced by a municipal drinking water facility. From the 1940's to 1970's, DGSC provided multiple support functions for the U.S. Army. Operational areas consisted of indoor and outdoor material storage areas, a motor pool facility, a National Guard training area, fire training areas, and various acid neutralization pits. Materials that were stored in Open Storage Areas (OSA) consisted mainly of petroleum, oils, and lubricants although, in the past, there were reported pesticide and herbicide spills. Soil contamination at the OSA source area resulted from improper chemical handling and storage activities conducted during this time. In 1986, as part of a RCRA Corrective Action permit for the facility, remedial investigations revealed contamination by VOCs, other organics, metals, and inorganics in both the soil and ground water throughout the facility. As a result, remediation of DGSC has been divided into eight operable units (OUs). This ROD addresses the interim remediation of OU1, the contaminated soil at OSA. Future RODs will address onsite contaminated media at the remaining seven areas as OU2 through OU8. The primary contaminants of concern affecting the soil are VOCs, including benzene, PCE, TCE, toluene, and xylenes; other organics, including PAHs, pesticides, and phenols; metals, including arsenic, chromium, and lead; acids; and oils. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS OR GOALS: Not applicable. INSTITUTIONAL CONTROLS: Deed restrictions will be implemented to limit future development of the area.
Remedy:  SELECTED REMEDIAL ACTION: The selected remedial action for this site includes implementing institutional controls and site access restrictions, including fencing of the storage area. The present worth cost for this remedial action is $15,000. No O&M costs are applicable to this remedial action.
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