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Address:  ROUTE 1 BOX 125 
City & State:  POINT PLEASANT  WV  25550
County:  MASON
EPA ID:  WVD980713036
EPA Region:  03
NPL Status:  Currently on the Final NPL
ROD Type:  Record of Decision
ROD ID:  EPA/541/R-02/093
ROD Date:  06/14/2002
Operable Unit(s):  12
Abstract:  his decision document present the selected remedy for the North and South Powerhouses at the West Virginia Ordnance Works (WVOW) in Mason County, West Virginia. The former WVOW site is located on the east bank of the Ohio River in Mason County, West Virginia, approximately 6 miles north of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The WVOW encompasses approximately 8,323 acres, of which 2,788 acres are currently designated as the Clifton F. McClintic Wildlife Station, which is operated by the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources. The U.S. Army, private landholders, and state and local agencies currently own other property formerly included in the WVOW. The North Powerhouse (NPH) site is northeast of and adjacent to the Mason County Fairgrounds in the northeast part of the administrative/maintenance area of the WVOW, in the upland area above the Ohio River floodplain. The South Powerhouse (SPH) site is in the southeast part of the former administrative/maintenance area of the WVOW. It is the southwest of and adjacent to the Mason County Fairgrounds. Both the NPH and SPH sites are on property currently owned by Mason County, West Virginia. The two powerhouses were primarily used to produce low-pressure and high-pressure steam for industrial purposes and heating at the WVOW; they were also reportedly used as standby sources of electrical power. Both powerhouse buildings have since been removed from the site in a removal action carried out by the USACE in 1994 and 1995. Each powerhouse had an associated coal storage area and ash disposal pit area. The ash pits, situated on the east side of each powerhouse, were used to dispose of ash from the coal-fired boilers. Part of the ash pit for the SPH is currently a pond. It is the only pond located in OU-12 and is designated as Pond 2. The WVOW was listed on the National Priorities List in 1983 and included the NPH and SPH areas.
Remedy:  The remedy selected in this ROD addresses the contamination associated with the soils, sediment, surface water and groundwater at the North and South Powerhouses and vicinity. The selected remedy for OU-12 is "no action." No remedial action is required to protect human health or the environment from chemicals in the soil, surface water, sediment and groundwater at OU-12. Actual or threatened releases of hazardous substances from the site do not present an imminent and substantial or future endangerment to public health and welfare or the environment; therefore, no further investigation or remedial action is required. Groundwater in the vicinity of OU-12 is included in a WVOW site-wide long-term monitoring program.
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