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City & State:  GRIFFITH  IN  46319
County:  LAKE
EPA ID:  IND016360265
EPA Region:  05
NPL Status:  Currently on the Final NPL
ROD Type:  Amendment
ROD ID:  EPA/541/R-99/071
ROD Date:  07/27/1999
Operable Unit(s):  01
Media:  Groundwater, Sediment, Soil
Abstract:  Please note that the text in this document summarizes the Record of Decision for the purposes of facilitating searching and retrieving key text on the ROD. It is not the officially approved abstract drafted by the EPA Regional offices. Once EPA Headquarters receives the official abstract, this text will be replaced.

The American Chemical Service (ACS) Site is located at 420 S. Colfax Ave., Griffith, Indiana. The site is 19 acres and consists of the "Offsite" and "Onsite" Containment Areas, the 2-acre "Kapica-Pazmey" property, and a 15-acre portion of the Griffith Municipal Landfill. Groundwater contaminant plumes emanate from the ACS site, and site wastes have impacted certain nearby wetland areas.

Since 1955, a solvent recovery business - American Chemical Service Corporation (ACSC) - has been located on this site. Past waste handling, storage and disposal practices led to contamination of the site. ACSC lost its interim (authorization to operate) status under Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) in 1990, but it still maintains its specialty chemical manufacturing operations.

A Record of Decision (ROD) was completed in September 1992 that addressed the site.
A Record of Decision (ROD) Amendment was completed in July 1999.
Remedy:  Soil contaminants will be contained on site by surrounding the site with a subsurface barrier wall, capping the site and withdrawing groundwater inside the barrier wall. Volatile organic compound-laden soil will be treated by a Soil Vapor Extraction system. Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB)-laden sediments in site wetlands will be excavated to achieve cleanup level of 1mg/kg to depth. Excavated sediments containing less than 50 mg/kg PCBs will be disposed of offsite at a Toxic Substances Control Act compliant facility. The wetlands will be restored. A deed restriction will be maintained on the site. In addition, EPA will be gathering offsite groundwater data to determine whether contaminants may be addressed through monitored natural attentuation, and to determine whether enhanced bioremediation is appropriate in discreet areas. EPA may initiate a second Record of Decision amendment if necessary.
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