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City & State:  COLUMBUS  IN  47201
EPA ID:  IND980607626
EPA Region:  05
NPL Status:  Currently on the Final NPL
ROD Type:  Record of Decision
ROD ID:  EPA/ROD/R05-92/194
ROD Date:  03/31/1992
Operable Unit(s):  01
Media:  Not Applicable
Contaminant:  Not Applicable
Abstract:  SITE HISTORY/DESCRIPTION: The 19-acre Old Municipal Landfill site is located near the City of Columbus in Bartholomew County, Indiana. The site, located in the 100-year floodplain of the East Fork of the White River, is bounded by farmland, state roads, and an inactive gravel quarry pond. Current land use in the vicinity of the site includes an abandoned shooting range, concrete mixing operation, and the City of Columbus POTW. From 1938 to the 1960's, the site was operated as a municipal landfill accumulating an estimated 500,000 cubic yards of fill material. After the landfill reached a maximum of 20 feet, operations ceased and the landfill was closed by placing two to three feet of dredged river sediments over the entire area. Deposited materials were mainly municipal and household wastes, although wastes from industrial sources were reportedly disposed of at the landfill. Limited dumping by unauthorized parties may also have occurred. No records of site operations were kept. The waste material was dumped directly on the ground surface and was exposed to the elements. Open burning of waste material occurred regularly. Annual spring flooding caused the waste material to become submerged periodically. Eventually, the landfill beganto function as a berm between the floodplain and the adjacent farmland. In 1981, Cummins Engine Company notified EPA of waste materials, including solvents, acids, lubricants, cutting fluids, and metals, that were generated and reportedly disposed of at the landfill. In 1990, the PRPs, under direct guidance of the state and EPA, conducted an investigation to assess the potential impacts of the waste material deposited in the landfill on soil, ground water, surface water, and river sediments in the vicinity of the site. Based upon findings of the remedial investigation and evaluation of current site risks, EPA concluded that the site currently poses no immediate or long-term risks to human health and the environment. This conclusion is based on current site conditions with the assumption that these conditions will not change. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS OR GOALS: Not applicable. INSTITUTIONAL CONTROLS: Institutional controls including deed restrictions will be implemented on land and ground water use.
Remedy:  SELECTED REMEDIAL ACTION: The selected remedial action for this site is no further action, which includes ground water monitoring and a five-year review of site conditions to evaluate the protectiveness of the remedy. In the event that the Indiana Department of Transportation and the City of Columbus proceed with construction of the proposed roadway across the site, EPA will require the implementation of a contingency remedy, which includes implementing a landfill cover maintenance program; developing a ground water recovery system implementation plan; installing a minimum of two additional ground water monitoring wells; installing fencing with appropriate warning signs; implementing a ground water monitoring program; and implementing institutional controls, including deed restrictions on land and ground water use. There are no costs associated with this no action remedy.
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