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City & State:  IONIA  MI  48846
County:  IONIA
EPA ID:  MID006029102
EPA Region:  05
NPL Status:  Currently on the Final NPL
ROD Type:  Record of Decision
ROD ID:  EPA/ROD/R05-93/231
ROD Date:  09/27/1993
Operable Unit(s):  01
Media:  None
Contaminant:  None
Abstract:  The 8-acre American Anodco site is an aluminum processing site for the automotive industry located in Ionia Township, Ionia County, Michigan. Land use in the area is predominantly light industrial with the nearest residences one-eighth of a mile upgradient of the site. American Anodco cleans, brightens, anodizes, and seals aluminum parts for automobiles. Beginning in 1962, the facility discharged process wastewater and chemicals from their anodizing process to an onsite seepage lagoon under a State permit. From 1965 to 1978, American Anodco began reclaiming the acids instead of discharging wastewater into the lagoon. In 1978, American Anodco tried to obtain another permit to discharge wastewater to the lagoon, and this led to an investigation of the lagoon's impact on ground water by American Anodco and the State. In 1986 and 1987, American Anodco began to phase out the seepage lagoon and discharge wastewater to a public sewer system. Also in 1987, the lagoon sludge was removed and disposed of in an offsite landfill, and the excavation area was backfilled with cleansoil. Soil sampling confirmed that the sludge removal has decreased onsite contaminant levels over time and EPA feels no additional remedial action is needed to be protective of human health and the environment. Therefore, there are no contaminants of concern affecting this site. SELECTED REMEDIAL ACTION: The selected remedial action for this site is no further action, with ground water monitoring for two years. Previous removals have decreased contaminant levels at the site and the presence of these compounds no longer pose a risk to human health and the environment. There are no present worth or O&M costs associated with this no action remedy. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS OR GOALS: Not applicable. INSTITUTIONAL CONTROLS: Not applicable.
Remedy:  U.S. EPA (EPA) has selected the "No Action" Alternative, with groundwater monitoring.
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