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Address:  POP-RITE LN 5MI OFF RTE 49 
City & State:  DARKE COUNTY  OH  45304
County:  DARKE
EPA ID:  OHD017506171
EPA Region:  05
NPL Status:  Deleted from the Final NPL
ROD Type:  Amendment
ROD ID:  EPA/541/R-97/068
ROD Date:  06/18/1997
Operable Unit(s):  01
Media:  Soil,groundwater.
Contaminant:  Lead.
Abstract:  The Arcanum Iron and Metal (AIM) site is located in west-cental Ohio, approximately 25 miles northwest of Dayton, Ohio. The site occupies 4 1/2 acres, is fenced, and contains a saw building, office building, smelter building, used battery casing chips piles, septic tanks, and gas, electric, and water utilities. The area outside the fence is currently being farmed on two sides, west and south; the north side is bordered by Pop Rite Lane and a light industrial operation is located there also; and the east is bordered by the former railroad right-of-way, now owned by Dayton Power and Light. The AIM site operated as a lead battery reprocessing facility from the early 1960s until 1982. The facility accepted automobile and industrial batteries for reprocessing. During this operation, battery casings were split to extract the lead cores. This generated plastic and black rubber casings and battery acids. After the casings were split, the spent battery acid was released to the ground. In addition, an on-site lead smelter facility may have emitted lead-containing particulates during operation. In addition, contamination occurred from run-off of lead oxide sludges, soluble lead salts, stockpiled battery casing chips, and stockpiled black rubber battery casings; all of which contained high concentrations of lead.In 1964, a fishkill in a nearby creek initiated a program for collecting, neutralizing, and disposing of battery acid. However, another fishkill in 1972 led to an Ohio EPA investigation of the AIM site. In 1979, the first of several legal actions were taken against AIM. The AIM Company eventually ceased operations at the site and the processing equipment was removed by the owner in early 1983.
Remedy:  The selected remedy has the following major components: removal of lead acid battery casing chips; treatment of the battery casing chips either on site or off site, followed by disposal in an approved landfill; demolition and removal of three buildings on the site; clearing the site of all trees; removal and disposal or recycling of demolition debris, drums, flat-bed trailers, and an above-ground tank; removal of an Underground Storage Tank (UST); investigation of sediments in Sycamore Ditch, removal, dewatering and placement of sediments; removal of contaminated soils; disposal of soils and sediments in an approved landfill; treatment of soils and sediments; placement of soil in excavated areas; capping the clay drain tile; maintaining and repairing the private road and resurfacing later; monitoring the groundwater, air, and surface water; recording deed restrictions; and maintaining site security.
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