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Address:  44 HIGHLAND AVE 
City & State:  KOHLER  WI  53081
EPA ID:  WID006073225
EPA Region:  05
NPL Status:  Currently on the Final NPL
ROD Type:  Record of Decision
ROD ID:  EPA/ROD/R05-92/206
ROD Date:  03/30/1992
Operable Unit(s):  01
Media:  Soil, Leachate
Contaminant:  VOCs, Other Organics, Metals
Abstract:  SITE HISTORY/DESCRIPTION: The 40-acre Kohler Company Landfill site is an operating landfill at the Kohler manufacturing facility in Kohler, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. Land use in the area is a mixture of business and residential, and an 800-acre wildlife reserve owned by Kohler Company surrounds the site. Wetlands are located along the landfill's edge. The site lies within, but rises above, the 100year floodplain of the Sheboygan River, which is located east and south of the plant. The estimated 57,000 people who reside within 3 miles of the site use the Sheboygan municipal system from Lake Michigan as their drinking water supply. Two residences located 1/4 mile from the site share a private well as their drinking water supply. From the early 1950's to the present, the Kohler Company has used the landfill as the primary location for disposing of manufacturing and foundry wastes generated at the Kohler manufacturing facilities. Themajority of the wastes disposed of in the landfill is non-RCRA hazardous waste, including sand, cores, molds, clarifier wastes, slag, clay, and pottery, and dust collector wastes. Between 1950 and the mid-1970's, several waste disposal pits were constructed in the landfill for disposal of hydraulic oils, solvents, paint wastes, enamel powder, lint from brass polishing, and chromeplating sludge. By 1975, these pits were closed and covered with nonhazardous fill. Beginning in 1975, all RCRA hazardous liquids were disposed of offsite. Disposal of solid RCRA hazardous wastes ceased prior to 1980, however solid nonhazardous wastes have continued to be disposed of in the landfill. In 1983, EPA detected contaminated surface water runoff at the landfill. Studies have revealed that ground water is contaminated due to leaching of chemical constituents from the landfill. This ROD addresses source contamination through containment of the waste mass as the first of two remedial actions planned for this site. A future ROD will address the contaminated ground water. The primary contaminants of concern affecting the soil and leachate are VOCs, including benzene, toluene, TCE, and xylenes; other organics, including PAHs and phenols; and metals, including arsenic, chromium, and lead. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS OR GOALS: Clean-up goals will be met in accordance with state landfill closure codes, and discharge codes. Chemical-specific ground water clean-up goals will be addressed in a future ROD. INSTITUTIONAL CONTROLS: Institutional controls including deed and site access restrictions will be implemented onsite to reduce site usage, maintain cap integrity, and prevent exposure to the affected ground water.
Remedy:  SELECTED REMEDIAL ACTION: The selected remedial action for this site includes closing the landfill according to state regulations; constructing a multi-layer cap over the fill material to reduce infiltration into the waste mass; installing a perimeter leachate collection drain and treating leachate onsite using air stripping, prior to onsite discharge to the Sheboygan River; and implementing institutional controls including deed restrictions and site access restrictions. The estimated total present worth cost for this remedial action is $4,700,000, which includes an annual O&M cost of $1,000,000.
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