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Address:  SAND HILL RD 
City & State:  DUNN  WI  53575
County:  DANE
EPA ID:  WID980610646
EPA Region:  05
NPL Status:  Currently on the Final NPL
ROD Type:  Record of Decision
ROD ID:  EPA/ROD/R05-92/222
ROD Date:  09/28/1992
Operable Unit(s):  01
Media:  Soil, Debris, Groundwater
Contaminant:  VOCs, Other Organics, Metals, Inorganics
Abstract:  SITE HISTORY/DESCRIPTION: The 38-acre City Disposal Sanitary Landfill site is an inactive landfill located in Dane County, Wisconsin. The landfilled portion of the site, which occupies approximately 24 acres, contains an estimated 700,000 cubic yards of waste. Land use in the area is predominantly agricultural with minor wooded areas. The site is bordered to the east by Badfish Creek. All residents in the vicinity use ground water from private drinking water wells; however, no contamination has been detected in the wells. From 1966 to 1977, City Disposal Corporation, and later Acme Services, Inc., used the site for disposal of household, construction, debris, and industrial wastes. Industrial wastes included solvents from the plastic fabrication industry, mixtures of lubrication oil and water, and paint wastes. During the period of operation, the landfill was subdivided into 12 cells, of which cells 1 and 12 were used for initial disposal until 1975. Cells 2, 3, 4, and 6 were filled or partially filled from 1974 until closure in 1977. Cell 5 and cells 7 to 11 were never developed. After closure of the site, both City Disposal Corporation and Acme Services, Inc., were acquired by Waste Management of Wisconsin, Inc. (WMWI). Records indicated that cells 6 and 12 were used to dispose of liquid industrial waste, which was subsequently mixed with refuse. Because of the mobility and toxicity of the industrial waste, cells 6 and 12 are considered to be the principal threats of contamination at the site. This ROD addresses the final remedy for contaminated soil, debris, and ground water. The primary contaminants of concern affecting the soil, debris, and ground water are VOCs, including benzene, TCE, toluene, and xylenes; other organics, including phenols; metals, including arsenic, chromium, and lead; and inorganics. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS OR GOALS: Chemical-specific ground water clean-up goals are based on Preventative Action Limits (PALs) established in NR 140 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code and include benzene 0.067 æg/l; 2-butanone (PAL or MCL not established); 1,1 dichloroethane 85 æg/l; methylene chloride 15 æg/l; toluene 68.6 æg/l; vinyl chloride 0.0015 æg/l; and xylenes 124 æg/l. Air emissions from the gas control and ISVE systems will meet the CAA requirements. RCRA standards will apply to the construction of the landfill caps. INSTITUTIONAL CONTROLS: Institutional controls, including deed, land, and ground water use restrictions, will be implemented to limit the use of the landfill and landfill property.
Remedy:  SELECTED REMEDIAL ACTION: The selected remedial action for this site includes installing a landfill gas control system to control air emissions; treating contaminated soil and debris in cells 6 and 12 using an in-situ vapor extraction (ISVE) system with an air intrusion cut-off wall to remove and treat VOCs; treating the extracted vapors by flaring; installing a hazardous waste landfill cover, Design C, over cells 6 and 12, and a solid waste landfill cover, Design B, over the rest of the landfill; extracting ground water, and conducting treatability studies to determine the best treatment; pretreating ground water onsite using precipitation to remove metals, followed by treatment using chemical oxidation or another comparable technology, with onsite discharge to Badfish Creek; monitoring ground water and residential wells; and implementing deed, land and ground water use restrictions. The estimated present worth cost for this remedial action is $14,851,387, which includes an annual O&M cost of $90,978 for years 0-5 and $21,258 for years 6-25 for source control; and $645,859 for years 0-20 and $114,487 for years 20-40 for ground water.
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