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Address:  10200 SOUTH 8400 WEST 
City & State:  COPPERTON  UT  84006
County:  SALT LAKE
EPA ID:  UTD000826404
EPA Region:  08
NPL Status:  Proposed for NPL
ROD Type:  Record of Decision
ROD ID:  EPA/541/R-99/034
ROD Date:  11/03/1998
Operable Unit(s):  01
Media:  Other, Sediment, Soil, Surface Water
Contaminant:  Metals
Abstract:  Kennecott South Zone Site is composed of approximately 13 Operable Units which encompass geographical areas or media-specific issues.

OU 1:

Bingham Creek is an intermittent, losing stream that flows only during peak runoff periods or during major storm events. Historically, the creek has abandoned old channels and formed new channels spreading contaminated alluvial and waste materials across broad areas. The principal aquifer under the creek is recharged along the foothills of the Oquirrh Mountains and discharges downgradient at the Jordan River. Neighborhoods affected by the Bingham Creek Residential Soils include Jordan View Estates, Meadow Green, Fahnian Ranchettes, Vista West, Sugar Factory, and Brookside. Three removal actions in accordance with Action Memoranda dated, May 1991, January 1993, and June
1995, were performed by EPA, ARCO and Kennecott to address the problems associated with mining wastes in the channel of Bingham Creek and in the neighborhoods built on the Bingham Creek floodplain. This Record of Decision is issued to document cleanup requirements covering either all of or portions of six operable units which are part of this site.
Remedy:  EPA has determined that no further action is required at these operable units. For Bingham Creek, Anaconda Tailings, Bastian Ditch and Large Bingham Reservoir, previous response actions have eliminated the risks at these sites. For the Bastian Sink, Copperton Soils, Lower Bingham Creek and portions of Bingham Canyon Historic Facilities, no action is appropriate due to lack of risk associated with current land use.

Estimated Capital Cost: Not provided
Estimated O&M Costs: Not provided
Estimated Present Worth Costs: Not provided
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