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Record of Decision System (RODS)



Address:  2613 S 11TH ST 
City & State:  ROCKFORD  IL  61109
EPA ID:  ILD981000417
EPA Region:  05
NPL Status:  Currently on the Final NPL
ROD Type:  Record of Decision
ROD ID:  EPA/541/R-02/077
ROD Date:  06/11/2002
Operable Unit(s):  03
Abstract:  The Southeast Rockford Groundwater Contamination Site is located in Rockford, Illinois, and this Record of Decision (ROD) includes Operable Unit (OU) 3. OU3 began as a state-lead action in May 1996 to select remedies for each of the source areas. This ROD contains the actions, alternatives, and preferred option of OU3 that will address contamination in the soil and leachate at source areas 4, 7, 9/10, and 11.

The Southeast Rockford Groundwater Contamination Site is located in Rockford, Illinois, which is in the southeast portion of the city, and covers an area approximately 3 miles long by 2.5 miles wide. This area is predominantly suburban residential areas, with scattered industrial, retail, and commercial operations throughout.
Remedy:  The selected remedy is comprised of treatment options for the four source areas. Remedy selection was based upon the nature and extent of contamination, as well as consideration of the types of and uses of the properties in each area. The remedies will accomplish the following: (1) stop ongoing contamination of the groundwater, (2) ensure that volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in soil gas do not move into the basements of nearby residences, (3) protect people from ingestion of contaminated groundwater, (4) reduce risk of direct contact with contaminated soil, and (5) assure the project is in compliance with the OU2 ROD provisions requiring control of groundwater contamination sources.
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