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Address:  600 CECIL STREET 
City & State:  BUCHANAN  MI  49107
County:  BERRIEN
EPA ID:  MID005068143
EPA Region:  05
NPL Status:  Currently on the Final NPL
ROD Type:  Record of Decision
ROD ID:  EPA/541/R-99/502
ROD Date:  09/21/1999
Operable Unit(s):  02

Electro-Voice (now called EV International) manufactures sound equipment and is located at 600 Cecil Street in Buchanan, Michigan.

Activities at Electro-Voice include die casting, machining, assembly, painting, electroplating and administration. Research and development activities were moved to another location in 1988. The plant includes a building, two parking lots and an open field. The property is surrounded by a residential area, a few commercial properties and an elementary school. Groundwater contamination extents from Electro-Voice about one-half mile north of the site to about 500 feet beyond McCoy Creek.

The contamination at the site resulted from Electro-Voice's discharge of electroplating wastes into two clay-lined lagoons from 1952 to 1962, and from the disposal of paint wastes and solvent into a drywell from 1964 to 1973. The waste disposal activities contaminated the groundwater with volatile organic compounds. The groundwater contamination extends about ? mile north of Electro-Voice beyond McCoy Creek to about the intersection of Third Street and Red Bud Trail, about 500 feet north of McCoy Creek. In 1980, Electro-Voice excavated the contents of one of the lagoons and filled both with fill material.

EPA issued the Operable Unit (OU) 1 Record of Decision (ROD) in 1992. In 1993, 1995 and 1996, EPA updated the OU 1 ROD in explanations of significant differences (ESDs). The ESDs revised the list of cleanup standards for drywell area soils and on-property groundwater; selected a new cleanup technology called a subsurface volatilization and ventilation system (SVVS) for drywell area soils and on-property groundwater instead of soil vapor extraction and groundwater pump-and-treat; and revised the cleanup standards to incorporate changes in State regulations.

In 1993, Electro-Voice entered into a consent decree with EPA to conduct the remedial design and remedial action (RD/RA) for OU 1. Electro-voice completed the lagoon cleanup in 1997. The lagoon cleanup involved constructing a hazardous waste landfill cap over the lagoon area to contain soil contaminants, reduce contaminant migration to the water table and to prevent people from coming into contact with the contaminated materials in the lagoons. The cap consists of three feet of clay covered by a tow foot layer of sand and four inches of topsoil.

SVVS sues a combination of air injection, soil vapor extraction and in-situ biodegradation technologies. EPA selected the SVVS technology for drywell area soils and on-property groundwater in the 1995 ESD. The SVVS will operate until soil and groundwater contaminants are reduced to cleanup levels. Contaminant concentrations in the on-property groundwater have been below cleanup levels since 1996. EPA is currently evaluating the results of soil sampling in the drywell area to determine if the soil cleanup is complete and if the SVVS can be shut down. The drywell area and the capped lagoons are located in the open field west of the manufacturing building. The field is surrounded by a fence with locked gates to prevent unauthorized access. Electro-Voice and Mark IV industries have conducted groundwater monitoring for VOCs in off-property groundwater since 1993.
Remedy:  This Record of Decision addresses the remaining, off-property groundwater contamination and uses natural processes, monitoring, institutional controls and contingency actions to eliminate or reduce the risks posed by the off-property groundwater. The major components of the selected remedy include:
Natural attenuation to restore the off-property groundwater to maximum contaminant levels (MCLs) and State Groundwater generic residential drinking water criteria for trichloroethane and vinyl chloride. The primary attenuation process affecting the off-property groundwater at Electro-Voice is steam capture and dilution, with some biodegradation. The estimated cleanup time frame is approximately 53 to 66 years.

Institutional controls to limit groundwater use until the aquifer is restored to cleanup levels. The City of Buchanan currently has a local ordinance that prohibits the installation of drinking water wells in areas designated by state or federal agencies as contaminated. The city has also drafted a new ordinance intended to be consistent with the requirements for institutional controls.

Monitoring to track the progress of natural attenuation over time and to ensure that the remedy remains protective of human health and the environment until the cleanup levels is attained. The monitoring will also ensure that the level of zinc detected above background levels does not pose any unacceptable health risks, and that the levels of chromium, copper, and zinc detected will not affect McCoy Creek as the contaminated groundwater discharges into the creek.

Contingency actions that will be implemented if monitoring identifies the need for modifications or changes to the remedy. Possible contingency actions include confirmation sampling, collecting groundwater samples more frequently; collecting surface water and/or sediment samples from McCoy Creek; installing new monitoring wells; pursuing additional deed restrictions; notifying the City of Buchanan that the city should update the restricted area in the local ordinance.
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