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Permits and Permit ?Equivalency? Processes for CERCLA On-site Response Actions     PDF      OSWER 9355.7-03   2/19/92
Pilot Project to Optimize Superfund-financed Pumpand Treat Systems: Summary Report and Lessons Learned    PDF    542 - R - 02 - 008a 9283.1-18   11/1/02
Policy and Guidance Documents from EPA's Office of Site Remediation Enforcement (OSRE)    HTML           
Policy on Joint Repositories at Mixed-Ownership Hardrock Mine Sites    PDF      9200.4-28   4/26/05
Pollution Prevention (Activity)    PDF           
Pollution Prevention (Fact Flash)    PDF           
Presumptive Remedies for Soils, Sediments, and Sludges at Wood Treater Sites    PDF    540/R - 95/128 9200.5-162   12/1/95
Presumptive Remedies: CERCLA Landfill Caps RI/FS Data Collection Guide    PDF    540/F - 95/009 9355.3-18FS   8/1/95
Presumptive Remedies: Policy and Procedures    PDF    540 - F - 93 - 047 9355.0-47FS   9/1/93
Presumptive Remedies: Site Characterization and Technology Selection for CERCLA Sites With Volatile Organic Compounds in Soils    PDF    540 - F - 93 - 048 9355.0-48FS   9/1/93



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