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NEW VIDEO! EPA provides an update on the tree nursey project for the Clearview Landfill.

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Community Update May 2017 - Residential Yard Cleanup to Restart in Eastwick Neighborhood (PDF)

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EPA in Process of Conducting Removal Action

During May 2017, the EPA will clean up approximately seven yards in the Eastwick Area.  This is a continuation of the residential yard cleanups that begain in September 2016 to remove soil contaminated with elevated levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).  This cleanup addresses part of Operable Unit 1 (Clearview Landfill Soils and Waste), which has impacted a portion of the Eastwick neighborhood.  The cleanup, which is referred to as a “removal action,” focuses on residences within the historical footprint of the former Clearview Landfill and its operational areas, as well as immediately adjacent residential areas.  The removal action was approved on July 21, 2016 in an Action Memorandum.  Residential yards that meet the removal action criteria will be excavated to depths up to 2 feet deep.  Clean soil will be used to backfill the excavations, all vegetation and other features will be restored by EPA.  EPA representatives are meeting with the individual residents and property owners whom are impacted by the removal action.

While EPA is preparing to start the removal action, additional tests are being conducted in residential yards throughout Eastwick.  The intent of the testing is to identify all of the areas that will be subject to the removal action.  The testing will also help to identify areas that may have lower levels of contamination, but still must be addressed by EPA as part of the Clearview OU1 cleanup.  This testing will be conducted in August and September 2016.  EPA will take appropriate steps during the removal action to protect the health and safety of the impacted residents as well as the surrounding community.  These steps may include activities such as air quality monitoring, dust suppression, stormwater management, fencing, security and providing regular and frequent updates to the EPA website and interpersonal communication with residents and the community.  To help ensure that air quality will not be negatively impacted, EPA will be conducting air monitoring the last two weeks of August 2016 to determine baseline air quality levels when the Clearview Landfill and yards are not being disturbed.  The results of the air quality data will be posted on an EPA website.  More details on these activities will be shared on, a website that is dedicated to this removal action.

How to Avoid Disturbing Soil in Eastwick Residential Yards (PDF)

How to Avoid Disturbing Soil in Eastwick Park (PDF)

EPA to Remove Contaminated Soils in Eastwick Yards - August 2016 (PDF)

Cleanup Status Update: EPA Dicovers Soil Contamination in Residential Yards.
No Immediate Health Threat. EPA to Expand Testing - June 2016 (PDF)


The Lower Darby Creek Area (LDCA) site is located in Darby Township and Folcroft Borough in Delaware and Philadelphia counties, Pennsylvania. The site consists of two separate landfills, the Clearview and Folcroft Landfills. The Clearview Landfill is on the east side of Darby Creek near the intersection of 84th and Lindbergh Boulevard. The Folcroft Landfill is located two miles downstream on the west side of Darby Creek and within the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge. Both landfills operated from the 1950s to the 1970s and closed in the mid-1970s. Wastes accepted at both landfills reportedly included municipal, demolition and hospital wastes. Waste disposal practices contaminated soil, groundwater and fish tissue with hazardous chemicals. Investigations at both landfills are ongoing. The site is being cleaned up through federal, state and potentially responsible party (PRP) actions.



NEW VIDEO! EPA provides an update on the tree nursey project for the Clearview Landfill.

EPA is conducting surveys of Darby Creek as part of the Remedial Design Process.  Watch a one-minute video clip about the creek survey here.

The EPA is growing the types of trees needed to plant on the ET cover for Clearview Landfill. Watch a one-minute video clip about the tree nursery here.

EPA is using a machine called a geoprobe to sample the soil. Watch a one-minute video clip that shows the geoprobe in action.