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The Brick Township Landfill Superfund site  is located in Brick Township, New Jersey. The site is comprised of a municipal landfill that ceased operations in 1979 and the associated groundwater contamination.  By the 1990s an underground plume of contaminated water was found to be emanating from the landfill over an area of about 470 acres. 


In order to prevent further contamination of the groundwater, EPA required Brick Township to install an impermeable landfill cap. EPA also required the Township to institute a long term groundwater monitoring program.


Construction of the cap began in June 2011 and was finished in December 2013. All work was done under the oversight of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the United States Army Corps of Engineers.  Groundwater monitoring is ongoing.


There is an EPA approved operation and monitoring program in place to ensure that the cap is functioning to protect contamination of the underlying groundwater.  In addition, EPA will perform an environmental review of the site’s remedy every five years.  The first of these five year reviews was completed in March 2017.


Currently the Township is leasing the landfill property to a solar energy producer.  


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What Has Been Done to Clean Up the Site?

In September 2009, EPA and Brick Township entered into a Consent Decree. The township agreed to design and implement  the selected remedy. Installation of the impermeable cap was completed finished in 2013, following clearing of the site. In addition, a cache of drums were located, isolated and removed from the northern boundary of the site.

The installation of the cap has effectively removed  the potential for exposure to contaminated materials on the landfill property.  In addition, the landfill property is surrounded by a fence. Restrictions on the use of contaminated irrigation wells have been put in place by the municipality of Brick. A classification exemption area has been designated to prevent exposure to site contaminated groundwater. Further remedial activities will included operation and maintenance of the cap and long term groundwater monitoring.

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What Is the Current Site Status?

The site was  addressed in two stages: an immediate action and a long-term remedial phase focused on cleanup of the entire site.

Immediate Action: In 1982, Brick Township removed about 150 aboveground drums and filled and vented three waste pits.

Long-term Cleanup: Groundwater monitoring from 2000 to 2007 informed EPA’s final cleanup plans for the site. EPA selected a remedy – an impermeable cap and long-term groundwater monitoring – in the site’s September 2008 Record of Decision.  The cap was completed by 2013, and the site is currently in the long-term groundwater monitoring phase.

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