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The Old Bethpage Landfill site is located in Old Bethpage, New York. The Town of Oyster Bay operated the 65-acre landfill from 1957 to 1986. In addition to municipal wastes and garbage, industrial wastes from local industries were also disposed in the landfill in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Landfill operations contaminated groundwater with hazardous chemicals. Under current conditions at the site, potential or actual human exposures are under control. Long-term groundwater treatment and monitoring at the site are ongoing.

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What Has Been Done to Clean Up the Site?

In 1982, the Town of Oyster Bay installed a methane gas collection system to monitor and prevent migration of gas beyond the boundary of the site. A leachate collection system has been operating at the landfill since 1983. A clay cap was also placed on a 29-acre portion of the site. EPA selected a remedy to clean up groundwater contamination from the landfill and to control contaminant source areas in the site’s 1998 Record of Decision, or ROD. It included: (1) installing, operating and maintaining a system of groundwater recovery wells and treating the recovered water by an air stripper and, if necessary, carbon treatment; (2) completing the capping of the landfill to prevent water from entering and thus spreading contaminants; (3) making improvements to the leachate-collection system; (4) making improvements to the methane gas collection system; and (5) monitoring to determine the effectiveness of the cleanup actions.

Construction of the groundwater treatment system finished in March 1992. The last portion of the capping program finished in December 1992. Improvements to the leachate collection system and the methane gas collection system finished in May 1992 and December 1992, respectively. EPA determined that all construction activities were complete at the site in September 1993.

EPA has conducted several five-year reviews at the site. These reviews ensure that the remedies put in place protect public health and the environment, and function as intended by site decision documents. The reviews concluded that response actions at the site are in accordance with the remedy selected by EPA and that the remedy continues to be protective of human health and the environment. Groundwater monitoring data indicates that the groundwater extraction and treatment system is effectively removing organic compounds in the groundwater and preventing further migration of the contaminated groundwater. Sampling results from two of the five extraction wells indicate that levels of site related contaminants are close to achieving cleanup goals, indicating partial aquifer restoration.

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What Is the Current Site Status?

The site is being addressed in a single long-term remedial phase focused on addressing the landfill and impacted groundwater.

Construction of the groundwater treatment system finished in March 1992. Full capping of the landfill finished in 1992. Theses cleanup actions have greatly reduced the potential for exposure to contaminated air, leachate, and groundwater at the Old Bethpage Landfill site.

Long-term groundwater treatment and monitoring at the site are ongoing.

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