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The White Swan Cleaners/Sun Cleaners site is located in Wall Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey. Two former dry cleaning operations – White Swan Cleaners and Sun Cleaners – have been determined to be sources of area wide volatile organic compound (VOC) contamination. The dry cleaners operated from around 1960 to 1991. Contaminated groundwater extends from the general area of Sea Girt Avenue and Route 35 in an eastward direction to the Atlantic Ocean. The contaminated groundwater extends as far north as Hannabrand Brook and Wreck Pond and as far south as Judas Creek and Stockton Lake.  In September 2013, EPA finalized its plan to clean up contaminated soil and groundwater. Additionally, EPA and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) have tested the indoor air of over 450 local residential and business properties. Based on this sampling, about 36 buildings have had indoor air ventilation systems installed to date.



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What Has Been Done to Clean Up the Site?

Immediate Actions: EPA and NJDEP have tested the indoor air of over 450 local residential and business properties. About 36 buildings had elevated VOC vapor levels which required the installation of indoor air ventilation systems. These systems have been installed and are currently being monitored by a Potentially Responsible Party under EPA oversight. Two old septic tanks and associated seepage systems were excavated from the White Swan property and removed in May 2001.

Long-term Cleanup: EPA oversaw a remedial investigation and feasibility study (RI/FS) to determine the nature and extent of the contamination, and to evaluate remedial alternatives. EPA selected the site-wide remedy in the September 2013 Record of Decision, (ROD). The remedy includes excavation and off-site disposal of contaminated soils at the White Swan Cleaners source area; in-place soil vapor extraction/air sparging of soils and shallow groundwater at the Sun Cleaners source area; construction of a groundwater extraction and treatment system to capture and treat the most highly contaminated groundwater at the site; monitored natural attenuation for less contaminated groundwater; establishment of a Classification Exception Area (CEA), to limit exposure to contaminated groundwater until groundwater meets site cleanup goals; and indoor air monitoring of buildings near groundwater contamination, and installation of vapor mitigation systems, as necessary.



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What Is the Current Site Status?


The site is being addressed in two stages: immediate actions and a long-term remedial phase focused on the entire site.

Short term cleanup activities included testing of indoor air at residential and business properties, and installation of vapor treatment systems as needed, and removal of an old septic system at the former White Swan property.  A remedy to address contaminated soils, groundwater and indoor air at the site was selected by EPA in 2013.

At the White Swan Cleaners Source area, 1322 Sea Girt Ave, 303 dump truck loads or 7,227 tons of contaminated unsaturated zone soils were excavated and disposed of as hazardous waste.  The excavation was filled with clean soil and paved in May, 2018.

A Soil Vapor Extraction/Air Sparging system was constructed by EPA at the former Sun Cleaners facility.  The system began operations in 2016 and will operate for approximately 10 years to remove the PCE, TCE and cis-1,2 DCE from the unsaturated zone soils and the upper part of the shallow groundwater aquifer. The system has been operating for over 2 years at the Sun Cleaner’s source area and it has removed over 2,500 lbs of PCE from the unsaturated soils at the site.

A groundwater extraction and treatment system will be constructed at the site which will collect VOC contaminated groundwater from the most highly contaminated portions of the plume.  The groundwater will be pumped through underground piping to a treatment plant where the VOCs will be removed, and the clean water will likely be returned to the aquifer or discharged to a surface water body.  The treatment system is expected to operate for approximately 30 years. Monitored Natural Attenuation will be used in the lesser contaminated portion of the aquifer to ensure the water quality returns to normal.  As of October, 2018 the Groundwater Extraction and Treatment system is currently in the design phase and approximately 25% completed.

A unilateral Order was issued to the Potentially Responsible Party, Bank of America, to conduct indoor air and sub-slab air sampling of approximately 800 more homes and buildings that are located over the contaminated groundwater plume.  Draft Design Work Plan was submitted by the bank’s contractor on Oct 9, 2018. Work will begin this heating season.





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