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The Garfield Groundwater Contamination site is located in Garfield, New Jersey. The site consists of the E.C. Electroplating (ECE) property and a chromium groundwater plume that extends a half-mile west from the ECE property to the Passaic River. Site investigations to determine the extent  of contamination and levels of chromium have concluded and EPA has identified a remedy to address contaminated groundwater at the Site.

The next phase of the project, Remedial Design for groundwater remediation, was initiated in early 2017 and is expected to continue for approximately 2 ½ years.




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What Has Been Done to Clean Up the Site?

Since 2002, EPA has conducted soil, sediment and groundwater sampling, as well as basement sampling downgradient of the ECE property. The basement sampling area included approximately 650 properties above or near the hexavalent chromium groundwater plume. EPA requested access to each of the properties within the study area and has been granted access to inspect 512 properties. Of the properties inspected, the basements of fourteen properties were found to contain hexavalent chromium above acceptable levels. Thirteen of the fourteen property owners granted EPA access to their basements to remove the hexavalent chromium and install systems to prevent further groundwater infiltration. EPA continues to monitor the basements in the study area.

In 2011, EPA began installing an extensive monitoring well network in the southwest section of the city to determine the extent of groundwater contamination. Sampling data obtained from these wells was used to conduct a remedial investigation at the site. EPA started a short-term cleanup, called a removal action, at the E.C. Electroplating facility in the fall of 2011. Hazardous material from the E.C. Electroplating property was placed in secure containers and transported to treatment and disposal facilities.

In 2012, the E.C. Electroplating buildings were demolished and the demolition debris was disposed off-site.  From October 2013 to May 2014, EPA excavated and removed impacted soils and subsurface concrete basements/slabs from the E.C. Electroplating property.

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What Is the Current Site Status?

EPA has completed removal of hexavalent chromium from thirteen basements and installed systems to prevent further infiltration of contaminated groundwater. EPA monitors the basements of properties within the area impacted by the chromium contaminanted groundwater plume and continues basement inspections.

Following the completion of removal activities on the E.C. Electroplating property, excavated areas were backfilled with clean fill material and the site was restored with a temporary impermeable asphalt cap to prevent infiltration of groundwater and reroute stormwater. EPA continues to monitor conditions at the site.  The evaluation of alternatives for cleanup of contaminants in soil and groundwater have concluded and EPA has identified a remedy to address contaminated groundwater.

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