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The 30-acre Davis Timber Company site is located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The site includes the area where Davis Timber Company operated a wood-preserving facility from 1972 to the late 1980s. EPA placed the site on the Superfund program’s National Priorities List (NPL) in 2000 because of contaminated groundwater, soil and sediment resulting from facility operations. EPA and the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) have investigated site conditions and taken steps to clean up the site in order to protect people and the environment from contamination. Site contamination does not currently threaten people living and working near the site. By cleaning up the site, EPA and MDEQ continue to protect people and the environment from site contamination.

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What Is the Current Site Status?

EPA led the site investigation and cleanup activities in cooperation with the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality.

Cleanup began during October 2011 following receipt of remedial action funding through the President’s Jobs Initiative Program. Construction activities finished in September 2012, and included site clearing and demolition of on-site structures and installation of the impoundment liquid extraction and treatment system. This system treated about 525,000 gallons of liquid. Activities also included relocation of about 1,046 linear feet of West Mineral Creek, construction of berm impoundment, excavation of about 2,500 cubic yards of contaminated soil from the cooling pond and areas of surface soil contamination, construction of an impoundment cap, and final grading and vegetation.

EPA has implement institutional controls, including land use restrictions and deed notices, for the capped area and the site property to limit future land uses.

The first five-year review for the site was conducted in 2016, and the remedy was found to be protective of human health and the environment.

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Green Remediation

Construction of the site’s remedy incorporated a number of green remediation measures through reuse, repurposing and recycling of materials and onboard design optimization measures. Green remediation measures included recycling of steel recovered during demolition of site structures, repurposing clean concrete slab material into 3,000 cubic yards of riprap for erosion protection in the realigned reach of West Mineral Creek, reuse of trees and shrubs collected from site clearing and grubbing for 2,000 cubic yards of mulch, optimization of the reseeding design to incorporate drought tolerant indigenous species and soil amendments  reducing the watering requirement by 30 to 35 percent, and reuse of treated impoundment water for irrigation of reseeded areas.

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Enforcement Information

The EPA has been unable to identify any viable potentially responsible parties for the site. The EPA is using federal funds for site cleanup activities.

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