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The North Shore Gas (NSG) South Plant former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) site is located on Pershing Road in an industrial / commercial area of Waukegan, Illinois. The site, which covers over 20 acres, includes the 1.9-acre former MGP facility along Pershing Road and adjacent areas where MGP residuals have been found. They include:

  • Waukegan Port District (WPD) – located east of the former MGP. This area includes a marina, a visitor center / administration building, a maintenance building, and parking lots.  It is 13.1 acres and is adjacent to Lake Michigan.
  • Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings, Inc. (Akzo) – located east / southeast of the former MGP and adjacent to Lake Michigan. The property is approximately 6.2 acres and consists of buildings and parking lots.
  • Elgin, Joliet and Eastern (EJ&E) – refers to the railroad tracks and right-of-way (ROW) located east and at the south end of the former MGP. This parcel is approximately 0.7 acres.
  • City of Waukegan (COW) – located southeast of the former MGP between the EJ&E, Akzo, and WPD properties. This property is a vegetated and vacated former city street ROW. This parcel is approximately 0.5 acre. Other COW property investigated includes nearby roads and associated ROWs.

MGPs were industrial facilities that produced gas from coal, oil and other feedstocks. The site is not listed on the National Priorities List (NPL) but is considered to be an NPL-caliber site and is being addressed through the Superfund Alternative Approach.

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What Has Been Done to Clean Up the Site?

The NSG South Plant site is being addressed through potentially responsible party (PRP) actions under federal and state oversight.

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What Is the Current Site Status?

In July 2015, the EPA issued an Interim Record of Decision (ROD) (56 pp, 13.29 MB) Interim Record of Decision (ROD) for remedial action, which announced the selected remedy that the EPA chose to address the DNAPL that is in the groundwater of the site.

In October 2015 an agreement (114 pp, 4.32 MB) between the U.S. EPA and North Shore Gas went into effect on the design of the DNAPL remedy, which is currently ongoing.

In February 2017, an agreement (177 pp, 13.31 MB) between U.S. EPA, the State of Illinois and North Shore Gas went into effect on construction of the DNAPL remedy, which is expected to begin later in 2018 after the remedy design has been completed.

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Enforcement Information

In 2007, EPA entered into an Administrative Order on Consent (AOC) with North Shore Gas Company, the site owner, to conduct a Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study (RI/FS) at the South Plant and North Plant sites in Waukegan, IL. Integrys Business Support, LLC, which was formed in 2007 with the merger of North Shore Gas, Peoples Gas, and Wisconsin Public Service Corporation (WPSC), has taken over the implementation of the work under this AOC.   Since Integrys was also managing RI/FS activities at other MGP sites in Illinois and Wisconsin, covered under separate agreements with EPA, EPA and Integrys agreed on development of multi-site RI/FS documents to streamline preparation of site-specific work plans (SSWPs) and promote a consistent approach to investigate and assess actual or potential contaminant releases at all affected MGP sites under investigation in Illinois and Wisconsin.


In November 2016, the Department of Justice (DOJ) lodged a proposed consent decree with the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. Under the proposed consent decree, NSG agrees to perform work related to the removal of the source of groundwater and soil contamination—i.e., free product—at the site.  The cost of performing this work is estimated to be $10.5 million and will take about 8 years to complete.  NSG also agrees to pay future response costs incurred by the United States and the State of Illinois in overseeing the work. This consent decree provides the legal framework for the step that follows after the completion of the RI/FS under the 2007 AOC. North Shore Gas is now poised to proceed to the next step of the remedial process, which is the implementation of the remedial design.

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