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MacMillan Ring Free Oil is an abandoned refinery located in Norphlet, Union County, Arkansas. The 100-acre facility is bordered by a residential subdivision and the Norphlet Public School on the west, Hayes Creek on the north and east, and Massey Creek to the southwest. MacMillan Ring-Free Oil Refinery operated as a crude oil refinery and manufacturer of lubrication oil and asphalt products from 1929 to 1987. The property was sold in 1989 to Nor-Ark Industrial Corp. who used the on-site storage tanks for asphalt products until March of 1991 when the company filed for bankruptcy. The facility was refurbished by Norphlet Chemical as a chemical manufacturing plant in early 2004 to produce tetrafluoroethane (Freon 134A), an automotive refrigerant. In 2007, the facility was abandoned and has remained vacant. The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) placed the site on the State Priority List under the Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission's Regulation No. 30 due to the potential for soil, surface water and/or ground water contamination and the need to remediate the site to protective levels. The ADEQ conducted a Comprehensive Site Assessment which developed remedial alternatives and, in November 2011, referred the site to the EPA for NPL consideration.

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EPA’s Involvement at the Site

Extensive assessment and removal actions were completed at MacMillan in the early 1990s to clean up free liquids in the impoundments and prevent active releases to surface water. Wastes were treated on-site and treated materials were used to backfill the impoundments. In April 2009, a removal action by the EPA of tanks containing anhydrous hydrofluoric acid (AHF) and AHF mixtures was conducted.

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