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The Del Amo site is located in Los Angeles. Industrial operations on the 280-acre area from 1943 to 1972 produced synthetic rubber, first for the United States government during World War II and later for the Shell Oil Company. Facility operations contaminated soil and groundwater with hazardous chemicals. Today, the site’s long-term cleanup is ongoing. Most of the area has been redeveloped as an industrial park.

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What Has Been Done to Clean Up the Site?

The site is being addressed through potentially responsible party (PRP) actions, with oversight provided by U.S. EPA and California EPA's DTSC.

U.S. EPA has conducted several five-year reviews of the site’s remedy. These reviews ensure that the remedies put in place protect public health and the environment, and function as intended by site decision documents. The most recent review concluded that response actions at the site are in accordance with the remedy selected by U.S. EPA and that the capping and soil vapor systems are effective in protecting human health and the environment. A soil vapor extraction pilot test was performed in 2019. In addition, several buildings have had vapor intrusion investigations and the results are currently being analyzed.

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What Is the Current Site Status?

Del Amo Operable Unit 1 - Soil and LNAPL is currently in the remedial design phase of the Superfund process.

Del Amo Operable Uni 2 - Waste Pits is currenly in the remedial action/operations and maintenace phase of the Superfund process.


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Enforcement Information

Potentially responsible parties (PRPs) refers to companies that are potentially responsible for generating, transporting, or disposing of the hazardous waste found at the site. In 1991, EPA issued letters to Shell Oil Company and the U.S. General Services Administration, informing them that EPA considers them to be potentially responsible parties. In 1992, EPA signed an Administrative Order on Consent with Shell Oil Company and The Dow Chemical Company to conduct a remedial investigation and feasibility study for the site.

SOIL AND NAPL (OU1): On March 29, 2013, EPA issued Special Notice letters to Shell Oil Company and the U.S. General Services Administration in an attempt to resolve their responsibilities at the Soil & NAPL Operable Unit. EPA is currently negotiating an agreement with those parties. (updated 10/24/13)

WASTE PITS (OU2): On July 15, 1994, EPA issued a Unilateral administrative Order for Removal Response Activities requiring Shell to remove any waste material that seeps to the surface at the Waste Pits area. This order was active until EPA closed the order on September 20, 1999. On January 25, 1999, EPA issued Special Notice to the following entities informing them that EPA considers them to be potentially responsible for the response costs incurred in connection with the contamination at the Del Amo Waste Pits: Shell Oil Company, Dow Chemical Company, U.S. General Services Administration, USA Waste Incorporated, Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Company, Michelin North America Incorporated, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, and Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company.

On May 3, 1999, EPA issued a Unilateral Administrative Order for Remedial Action (cleanup) at the Waste Pits Area to the following entities, ordering them to implement the remedial action that EPA had chosen: Shell Oil Company, Dow Chemical Company, Michelin North America Incorporated (on behalf of itself and Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Company), Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, and the U.S. General Services Administration.

GROUNDWATER (OU3): EPA issued "special notice" to the following parties with respect to the groundwater at the Montrose and Del Amo sites, advising the parties that EPA expects them to enter into an agreement to implement the groundwater remedy, as set forth in the record of decision that EPA issued for the Dual Site Groundwater Operable Unit on March 30, 1999: Montrose Chemical Corporation of California, Bayer CropScience, Stauffer Management Company, News Publishing Australia Ltd., Shell Oil Company, Inc., United States General Services Administration, JCI Jones Chemicals, Inc., The Boeing Company, Weatherford Artificial Lift Systems, Inc., PACCAR, Inc., BP Amoco Chemical Company, American Polystyrene Corp., andDianorys, Inc.

In 2003, EPA issued unilateral enforcement orders to Montrose Chemical Corporation and Shell Chemical requiring that they perform certain preliminary steps of the remedial design. In 2008, EPA issued an additional unilateral enforcement order requiring Montrose and Shell to perform the formal pen-to-paper step of the design. Montrose and Shell performed the work under these orders under EPA oversight. EPA performed the computer modeling, step 3, with continual input from Montrose and Shell. On August 22, 2012, EPA filed a partial Consent Decree with Montrose Chemical Corporation for the construction of the Dual Site Groundwater Operable Unit treatment system. A consent decree for operation of the treatment system is being negotiated, as is a consent decree for remediation of the TCE-impacted groundwater at the sites. (updated 10/24/13).

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