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There is on-going operation, maintenance and monitoring of the groundwater treatment system and the landfill cap constructed as part of the long-term remedy for the site.  Treatment of groundwater includes mainly volatile organic compounds (e.g. benzene, chlorobenzene, toluene, xylene).  Discharge of treated groundwater is to the Atlantic County Utilities Authority, a publically owned treatment works.  The discharge is monitored under local and state permits.

Off-site groundwater contamination comprised of mainly volatile orgarnic compounds attributable to historic landfill operations has been investigated and remedy evaluation is underway.  Once a remedy for the off-site groundwater contamination has been determined, a compreshenisive site-wide remedy will be established.

An effort initiated by the property owners is underway to re-develop the landfill property for beneficial re-use.  This involves the assessment and design of a renewable energy project that includes a solar array on approximately 21 acres of the landfill.  EPA and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) are working with the property owners and their representatives to evaluate the implementability of this project.




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