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Public Participation Opportunities

See the Community Advisory Group Section below for information on how the public can participate.  In addition, public meetings and comment periods are held when the Air Force completes Proposed Plans for proposed cleanup remedies at the former base which have been reviewed and approved by EPA and NYSDEC.  Notice of the public comment periods and meetings is published in the local newspaper.


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Community Advisory Group

Meetings of the Restoration Advisory Board (RAB), composed of representatives of the Air Force, EPA, NYSDEC, NYSDOH, local government agencies and organizations, and other interested stakeholders from the public, are held at the former base annually at a minimum.  Meetings are held more frequently when requested by RAB members and/or the public to address any issues of vital importance to stakeholders.  Notice of RAB meetings is provided in local newspapers and the meetings are open to the public.  Current cleanup and redevelopment activities are presented and discussed during the meetings.  The RAB has been meeting since the former base closed in 1995, and originally met quarterly. 

If you are interested in joining the RAB, please contact David Farnsworth of the Air Force at 518-563-2871.

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Site News Archive

More information regarding past and on-going activities at the former base may be found at:
Air Force Civil Engineer Center / CZRB-Griffiss 706 Brooks Road Rome, NY 13441 (518) 563-2871

The Administrative Record for Griffiss AFB, is located at

The Griffiss website:

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