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Consent Decree - May 3, 2017 (PDF)

In 2015, EPA completed indoor vapor intrusion (VI) testing at 18 properties near the Hidden Lane Landfill Site. The purpose of the testing was to determine if vapors from the contaminated groundwater plume were getting inside homes.

The results of the tests show that no vapors from the groundwater are entering the homes at this time. Additional testing may be needed in the future to ensure that indoor air continues to be protective of human health.

More information about vapor intrusion can be found here.

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Community Resources

Community involvement is the process of engaging in dialogue and collaboration with community members. The goal of Superfund community involvement is to advocate and strengthen early and meaningful community participation during Superfund cleanups. Read about ways you can participate in EPA’s Community Involvement Program.

EPA celebrates 35 years of the Superfund Program: Read about sites in your states where Superfund has made a difference in protecting human health and the environment.

Community Involvement Plan

2014 Fact Sheet

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Previous Public Participation Opportunities

A briefing for County elected officials and interested citizens was held in February 2013

Several briefings for the Broad Run Farms community and elected officials for Loudoun County have been held on a recurring basis. The last opportunity for public comment was held in October 2011 when the site was listed to the NPL.

Meeting announcement press release.

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