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Community involvement is the process of engaging in dialogue and collaboration with community members. The goal of Superfund community involvement is to advocate and strengthen early and meaningful community participation during Superfund cleanups. Read about ways you can participate in EPA’s Community Involvement Program.

Superfund Success Stories: Read about sites in your states where Superfund has made a difference in protecting human health and the environment.

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Public meeting and proposed plan comments are available for public review online in the Administrative Record.

Off-site residents are primarily served by a Chesterfield County-operated water supply system, although a few private home water supply wells remain in use in the locale. These are not in locations where a contaminated plume of groundwater has been detected.

A Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) is conducted by the Site Team to bring community interests and concerns to the forefront for dicussion. The RAB has helped involve the surrounding community, state and local organizations, and non-governmental organizations since 2002. Quarterly meeting are opened to the public. 

The RAB meets at 7:30 pm on the 2nd Monday of January, April, July and 3rd Monday of October (please call Dave Hufford at 804-279-6207 to confirm)


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