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Cleanup of the Airco Superfund Site is largely complete. The landfill has been capped along with the construction of a flood protection dike as required by the 1988 Record of Decision (ROD). The main remedy component to be completed is the attainment of cleanup standards for the groundwater.

EPA is currently monitoring changes in groundwater quality. Groundwater samples are collected for analysis by the current owner of the landfill (The Linde Group). Since the closure of the landfill, groundwater contamiant levels have decresed significantly.

Another factor being considred by EPA is the affect the 2018 ROD for the BF Goodrich (BFG) Superfund Site will have on the Airco Site. As part of the remedy selected for the BFG Site, a subsurface barrier wall will be constructed around the perimeter of the BFG Site, and will also encompass the Airco Site, further limiting groundwater migration.


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Public Participation Opportunities

EPA has conducted a range of community involvement activities to solicit community input and to inform the public about site activities throughout the cleanup process. Outreach efforts have included public notices, public meetings and interviews on clean-up activities and other updates.

EPA is currently conducting a Five-Year Review for the Airco and BFG Sites. The review is scheduled to be completed in late-2019. The review is being conducted ahead of the normal review process to address results from the 2015 Five-Year Review.


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