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Public Participation Opportunities

The EPA and its partners have conducted a range of community involvement activities to solicit community input and to make sure the public remains informed about site activities throughout the cleanup process. Outreach efforts have included public notices, interviews and public meetings on cleanup activities and updates.

MCAS Cherry Point has taken a proactive approach to site cleanup by reaching out to the local community through the Restoration Advisory Board (RAB).

RAB community members reflect the diverse interests within the local community and should live or work in the affected community or be directly affected by the ER Program. The MCAS Cherry Point RAB meets several times per year, when new information is available or as needed to keep members informed about the current progress of the cleanup program.

NAVFAC Mid Atlantic Public Affairs Office
9742 Maryland Avenue
Norfolk, Virginia 23511-3095
(757) 445-8732, ext. 3096

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Community Resources

The Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station is in continued use. There is an active military facility on-site.

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Site News Archive

Potential Hurricane Irma 2017 Impact: As of the recent track updates, it looks like the storm will pass to the west of Eastern NC, however MCAS will continue to plan for the worst. They anticipate strong sustained winds and localized flooding, but due to their location near the coast, they may not see prolonged flooding like inland areas will see once rivers start to rise. Once the storm passes, MCAS personnel will conduct site visits to record any damage to fence lines and other structures. They will also take boats out to survey the perimeter of Cherry Point along Slocum & Hancock Creek and the Neuse River.

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