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January 2018
EPA formally added the MPC Site to the Superfund National Priorities List and proposed a cleanup plan for portions of the MPC Site.

April 16, 2018
EPA released an updated Administrator’s Emphasis List of Superfund sites targeted for immediate and intense attention. The Emphasis List is part of the Superfund Task Force recommendations. The MPC site was later removed from the Emphasis List because the various goals and objectives were being achieved.

April 18, 2018
The EPA Administrator signed an Action Memorandum for $107.6 million to accelerate the cleanup of the former Mississippi Phosphates Corporation (MPC) Site in Pascagoula, Mississippi, including $71.6 million dollars for cleanup that will take place from 2018 through 2020, and $36 million dollars for ongoing wastewater treatment during the three-year cleanup period. EPA continues to treat 2-4 million gallons of contaminated water each day.

September 4, 2018
On September 4, 2018, Hurricane Gordan, with sustained winds of 70 mph, made landfall just west of the Alabama-Mississippi border.  A physical assessment of the site was conducted the following morning.  The Site sustained no damage from the wind and rain.  It received between 1.5”-2.0” of rain water.  The on-site ponds contained all of the stormwater and are in excellent condition.

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Public Participation Opportunities

EPA is engaging the community to build relationships with stakeholders and learn about their concerns. Through these interactions EPA developed a Community Involvement Plan.Our most recent community event was a workshop on March 3, 2018, titled "Introduction to Superfund and the Technical Assistance Needs Assessment (TANA) Process".

EPA is committed to keeping residents informed about our activities. To add your name to our mailing list, please use the mailing list link above.

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Site News Archive

April 18, 2018: Administrator Pruitt Signs $107.6M Action Memorandum to Clean Up the Mississippi Phosphates Corporation Superfund Site

April 16, 2018: Mississippi Phosphates Corporation Site Among Updated List of Superfund Sites Targeted for Immediate, Intense Action by Administrator Pruitt

January 11, 2018: EPA Releases Cleanup Plan for Portions of the Mississippi Phosphates Corporation Site

January 9, 2018: EPA Adds Mississippi Phosphates Corporation Site to the National Priorities List to Clean Up Contamination

December 21, 2017: EPA to Host Public Meeting to Present Cleanup Plan for Portions of the Mississippi Phosphates Corporation Site

December 8, 2017: Former Mississippi Phosphates Corporation Facility On List of Superfund Sites Targeted for Immediate, Intense Attention by EPA

October 5, 2017: EPA to Discharge Wastewater, Implement Hurricane Response Plan at the Mississippi Phosphates Corporation Site in Pascagoula, Miss., as Tropical Storm Nate Advances

July 31, 2017: Mississippi Phosphates Corporation Site Proposed to National Priorities List

March 2017: Mississippi Phosphates Corporation - Fact Sheet

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