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Public Participation Opportunities

Before making cleanup decisions for site contamination, DOE, EPA and KDEP reach out to the public for feedback on the proposed cleanup plan. Notices of these public comment periods are provided by DOE through local news media outlets (listed in Appendix D, Public Notice Mailing List, of the Community Relations Plan). 

The PGDP Community Relations Plan is available.

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Community Advisory Group

The Paducah Citizens Advisory Board (CAB) operates as part of the Department of Energy's (DOE) Environmental Management (EM) Site Specific Advisory Board (SSAB). The CAB meets monthly and provides advice and recommendations to the DOE regarding cleanup activities associated with past operations and disposal activities at the site, waste management activities, and potential future economic redevelopment of the site. CAB meetings are also an opportunity for the general public to provide feedback to the DOE on site cleanup and related activities. Both EPA and KDEP participate in CAB activities. Additional information is available on the CAB website.

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