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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has issued a Notice of Intent to Delete at the Fairfax St. Wood Treaters Superfund Site (the Site) in Jacksonville, Florida from the National Priorities List (NPL) in the Federal Register on June 16, 2020 and requests public comment on this proposed action. Submit your comments thru July 16, 2020, identified by Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-SFUND-2012-0063, by visiting  

The EPA and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) have determined that all appropriate responses under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), as amended, have been implemented for this deletion. The remedial action performed at the Site which included removal of contaminated soil to allow for unrestricted use and unlimited exposure is protective of human health and the environment. However, this deletion from the NPL does not preclude future actions under Superfund.

Superfund Job Training Initiative Home Page
EPA provided job training to 13 community members at FSWT. On March 6, 2019, the Superfund Job Training Initiative (SuperJTI) project in Jacksonville, FL culminated in a graduation ceremony for 13 newly-trained community members. The graduates completed a three-week environmental remediation job readiness program that supports employment opportunities, and the skills needed to take advantage of those opportunities.

Local partner, Northwest Jacksonville Community Development Corp., EPA and contractors began this project in December 2018. After a rigorous screening and recruitment process, 13 trainees were selected to participate in the program. Once selected, the trainees earned three certifications in hazardous waste and emergency response, CPR/First Aid, and OSHA construction safety courses. The trainees also received professional development training.

A final Fact Sheet about the SuperJTI project is available.

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Public Participation Opportunities

EPA is required to create opportunities for public participation, especially, at points of the cleanup process where EPA will make a decision. EPA, however, does not limit public participation to just the required points of the cleanup process but encourages the public to contact the Remedial Project Manager, Leigh Lattimore, or the Community Involvement Coordinator, Ron Tolliver, should any questions or concerns regarding the Site arise.

EPA will continue to inform the community and seek and hear community concerns through availability sessions and fact sheets. EPA conducts a range of community involvement activities to solicit community input and to make sure the public remains informed about site activities throughout the cleanup process. Outreach efforts have included public notices, public meetings and interviews with residents.

Availability Sessions were being held on the fourth Tuesday of every month from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The sessions were held at Temple College Preparatory’s auxiliary building at 1765 West 16th Street, at the corner of Fairfax and West 16th Street.  An EPA contractor was available to assist in answering questions and reporting concerns. These sessions ended on June 25, 2019.

A final Availability Session was held on November 7, 2019  from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Susie E. Tolbert Elementary School  located at 1925 West 13th Street  in Jacksonville, Florida. The Final Slide Show is available.

Fairfax Remedial Action Accomplishments

Fairfax Community Involvement Initiative

For more information on the site or to continue to report any concerns, please contact Leigh Lattimore, Remedial Project Manager ( or Ron Tolliver ( 

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Community Resources

The Community Involvement Plan (CIP) is designed to meet the following goals:

  • Provide the public with accurate, timely, and understandable information and/or access to the information needed to understand the project as it moves forward;
  • Provide the public with the opportunity to give informed and meaningful input;
  • Ensure adequate time and opportunity for the public to provide input and for that input to be considered;
  • Respect and give full consideration to community input; and
  • Assist the public in understanding the project decision making process during project design and cleanup and the community’s role in that process.

Superfund Community Involvement

A Citizen’s Guide to Excavation of Contaminated Soil

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