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EPA is currently in Phase 4 of the removal. The Superfund program has conducted residential soil sampling for lead, arsenic and benzo[a]pyrene at over 1,900 out of approximately 2,000 properties in the 35th Avenue study area. Of the properties sampled, nearly 700 properties are contaminated above the Superfund Removal Management Levels (RML). The removal program has begun addressing the properties that pose the greatest threat to human health. To date, about 400 properties have been remediated by the removal program, in four different phases. More than 50,000 tons of contaminated soil have been excavated from the three communities and sent to an approved, off-site landfill.

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Public Participation Opportunities

EPA conducts a range of community involvement activities to solicit community input and to make sure the public remains informed about site activities throughout the cleanup process. Outreach efforts have included public notices, public meetings and interviews on clean-up activities and other updates. The latest Fact Sheet is being finalized for distribution to the stakeholders. The Community Involvement Plan (CIP) is currently being updated.

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Community Resources


Technical documents and updates on the Superfund cleanup progress can be found on the On-Scene Coordinator website. 

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