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Aerial Photo of 35th Avenue Site

Progress map Collegeville Jan 2020
Progress map Fairmont Jan 2020
Progress map Harriman Park Jan 2020

EPA has updated the Community Involvement Plan (CIP) for this site.

EPA is currently addressing residential soil contamination in three North Birmingham, Alabama, neighborhoods. To date, more than 440 properties have been remediated by EPA’s Removal Program, across four different phases. More than 50,000 tons of contaminated soil have been excavated from the three communities and sent for disposal at an approved off-site landfill. Under current conditions, EPA anticipates that cleanup activities will be completed by 2023.

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Public Participation Opportunities

EPA conducts a range of community involvement activities to solicit community input and to make sure the public remains informed about site activities throughout the cleanup process. Outreach efforts have included public notices, public meetings and interviews on clean-up activities and other updates. The Community Involvement Plan (CIP) is designed to assist the public in understanding the project decision making process during project design and cleanup and the community’s role to provide meaningful input into that process. EPA has updated the Community Involvement Plan (CIP) for this site.

EPA Region 4 staff regularly meet with residents and community leaders, including representatives of the City of Birmingham, the Housing Authority of the Birmingham District and the Birmingham City Schools, to provide updates and answer questions. Since 2014, EPA has hosted dozens of formal meetings (public meetings, open houses, site tours) and informal meetings (homeowner associations, meetings with the North Birmingham Community Coalition and other NGOs and community groups, and summer camps). A summary of some of the outreach efforts since 2014 are listed below. 

April 2014 - EPA Regional Administrator toured site and met with community leaders and met with NBCC.

September 2018 - On-Scene Coordinator spoke at Inglenook’s neighborhood meeting about site updates and informed public that EPA may be able to sample residential property if scientific evidence or affidavits that fill dirt was brought onto property

November 2017 – public meeting held at Bethel Baptist Church 

October 2014 - public meeting held at Bethel Baptist Church in Collegeville regarding NPL listing.

October 2014 – EPA hosted an environmental workshop to Hudson K-8 students at the school.

2015 – EPA attended monthly homeowners association meetings in each of the three neighborhoods.

2016 onwards – EPA attend homeowner association meetings as requested by each neighborhood.

June of 2015 and 2016 - EPA hosted environmental summer camps at the following schools/recreation centers Wiggins, North Birmingham, Hawkins, Willow Wood, Ensley, McAlpine, and East Pinson Valley.

2012 to August 2016 - Met with North Birmingham Community Coalition met every 6 weeks.

August 2018 - Provided site tour and updates to Congresswoman Sewell, Mayor Woodfin, and community leaders.



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Community Resources

The Community Involvement Plan (CIP) for this Site has been updated.


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