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On the second week of April EPA resumed field work at the Federated Metals Corp. site after suspending field activities during the winter months. 

During 2018, EPA collected soil samples from 242 properties to determine the extent of historic lead contamination from the Federated Metals plant. The assessment found 163 residential yards that had soil lead levels above EPA’s health standard.

EPA used its legal authority to clean up priority properties where surface lead levels were equal to or exceeded 1,200 parts lead per million parts soil and where sensitive populations resided. For this project, sensitive population was defined as pregnant women and children under seven.

In 2018, EPA cleaned up 28 priority properties before suspending activities for the winter months. This year EPA cleaned up five remaining priority properties and completed all restoration activities that were suspended for the winter.

EPA started a short-term removal action at this site to protect human health and the environment.  This site is not in the National Priorities List (NPL). Additional information regarding the type of response actions EPA is authorized to perform and the NPL is available at the Superfund: CERCLA Overview website.       

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