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Velsicol Chemical Plant

Area 1 Restoration

All restoration work including closing the wells with grout in Area 1 has been completed.

Area 2 Wellfield Construction

The installation of components for the in-place thermal treatment of Area 2 continues. Currently, all extraction wells and temperature monitoring points have been installed and workers are now installing heaters and pressure monitoring points. Heating of the soil is expected to begin in October.

EPA is planning to hold a public meeting about Area 2 this summer. Please see future updates for more details.

Additional On-Site Work

The groundwater collection trench continues to operate with approximately 20,000 gallons a week being removed from the trench for treatment off-site. EPA plans to evaluate the slurry wall sometime this summer. EPA continues to move forward on the remedial investigation downstream of the St. Louis dam. Additional bank sampling downstream of the high school athletic fields will take place in the summer.

DDT Pilot Study


EPA Region 5 has received a $30,000 grant from EPA's Office of Research and Development to do a pilot study evaluating the use of carbon-based materials to remove DDT in floodplain soil downstream of the St. Louis dam. Dr. Stephen Boyd of Michigan State University, Dr. Matthew Zwiernik of MSU and Dr. Amanda Harwood of Alma College will be involved in the study. The workplan is under development and EPA should be able to present results sometime in the summer.

 Velsicol Burn Pit


EPA continues to work on the design, including all the site preparation tasks for the in-place thermal treatment at the Velsicol Burn Pit. EPA has met with nearly all the residents who agreed to receive new drinking water provided by the city of St. Louis. EPA will be funding the hook-ups to the city municipal drinking water.

Community Involvement

Read the Spring 2019 issue of the Pine River Progress Newsletter. (8 pp, 9 MB, About PDF)


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