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Announcements and Key Topics

This spring, 16 community members were selected from an application process to form a community advisory group, or CAG.

List of current members can be found here: Kalamazoo Superfund Site CAG - Member information (PDF)(4pp, 72K, About PDF)


The Kalamazoo River CAG represents the area surrounding the Allied Paper/Portage Creek/Kalamazoo River EPA Superfund site. Superfund is the nation’s program to clean up inactive hazardous waste sites and is managed by the EPA. CAGs serve as a public forum for all interested parties to learn about site cleanup, present and discuss their needs and concerns, and develop community-based recommendations.

All CAG meetings will be open to the public. Meetings will focus on learning about the different projects and areas of the site.


Upcoming Meetings:

Thursday, August 8, 6-9 PM at Otsego Township Hall, 400 N. 16th St., Otsego

Find out more information about the background and status of all river area sites.

Thursday, Sept. 26, 6-9 PM at Otsego Township Hall, 400 N. 16th St., Otsego

Understand the roles of the Natural Resource Trustees and the state of Michigan in the cleanup; and learn updates on the new temporary dam at Trowbridge, King Highway Landfill, King Street storm sewer, and GP Former 5 Lagoons.

Past Meetings´╗┐:


Thursday, June 27, 6-9 PM at St. Joseph Parish Gym, 930 Lake St., Kalamazoo

Presentation on background and status of the Allied Landfill, Willow/A-site Landfill, and 12th Street Landfill. Presentation and slides of OU1 and OU2 Status (34 pp, 6.1 MB)

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Public Participation Opportunities

Sign up for the Kalamazoo River listserv; It's a subscription-based email list that EPA uses to deliver news about this site.

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Community Resources

Michigan Department of Community Health's fish advisoryExit EPA Disclaimer

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's Web site on this projectExit EPA Disclaimer

Kalamazoo Project Environmental Glossary

Kalamazoo River Environment Natural Resource Damage Assessment - U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry

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