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Sediment Cleanup in the Lower Tittabawassee River


Sediment cleanup will begin this summer near Green Point Island in the Tittabawassee River. 

In August, the Dow Chemical Company will begin to implement EPA's cleanup plan for sediment in the lower Tittabawassee River. EPA's selected cleanup, referred to as capping, will cover contaminated sediment to keep it safely in place. A mixture of stone and gravel will be placed over a small area in the river near Green Point Island to prevent erosion. To conduct the work, Dow will place barges into the river to use as platforms. Additional barges will be moved by boats to bring cap materials from Wickes Park in the upper Saginaw River. 

More information can be found in our fact sheet EPA Begins Sediment Cleanup Near Green Point Island.(2 pp, 72 K, About PDF)

Midland Post Flood Sampling

(July 7, 2020) Historic flooding of the Tittabawassee River occurred on May 20 due to the failure of two dams upstream of Midland. EPA began working immediately with other federal and state agencies and stood ready to assist in assessing and responding to any public health and environmental impacts from the flooding.

EPA and the Michigan Department of Environment Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) continue to work closely with Dow to monitor impacts from the flood to the Tittabawassee River and previous cleanup work done in and along the river.

Once floodwaters started receding, Dow began evaluations under EPA and EGLE oversight following rigorous protocols developed by EPA. Post-flood assessments include visual inspections throughout the site, chemical sampling of the river sediment, chemical sampling of newly deposited floodplain soil, and inspection of remedies. Post-flood work started on May 27 with the sampling and cleanup of newly deposited sediments. Dow and EGLE’s initial sampling results do not show significant levels of contamination that would require additional cleanup. Regardless, supplementary sampling is planned in the near future. Inspections of the remedies by Dow show that there were no significant damages and only minor maintenance to replace topsoil that was lost.

EPA is Reviewing Comments on the Proposed Cleanup Plan for Middleground Island

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, working with the Michigan Department of Environmental, Great Lakes, and Energy, plans to clean up dioxin-contaminated soil on Middleground Island in the Saginaw River.

EPA will select a final cleanup plan after reviewing and considering public input. Public comments on the proposed cleanup plan were received between Feb. 12 and March 30, 2020. EPA held a public meeting March 10th at the Boys and Girls Club, 300 W. Lafayette Ave., Bay City. 

Presentation Slides: Middleground Island - EPA's Proposed Cleanup Plan (PDF)(20 pp, 919.67 K)

Transcript: EPA - Public meeting on Middleground Island Proposed Cleanup Plan(PDF)(50 pp, 318.71 K,)

EPA will provide an update once the plan is finalized.

Proposed Plan Documents

Fact Sheet - EPA Proposes Cleanup Plan for Middleground Island (PDF) (8 pp, 663 K)

Technical evaluation (PDF) (52 pp)

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Public Participation Opportunities

Sign up for the dow_dioxin listserv (subscription-based email list EPA uses to deliver news about the site).

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Community Advisory Group

A community advisory group, or CAG, meets to discuss issues related to a Superfund site and its cleanup. The Saginaw-Tittabawassee Rivers Contamination Community Advisory Group usually meets on the third Monday of every other month at the Tittabawassee Township Memorial Park Building, 150 Park St., Freeland. These meetings are open to the public. The CAG was established to represent the interests of the community and to share information and make recommendations to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on the cleanup of the rivers and bay. Learn more at the Saginaw-Tittabawassee Rivers Contamination Community Advisory Group's webpage.Exit

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Community Resources

MDEQ: Tittabawassee River - Saginaw River - Saginaw Bay CleanupExit

Saginaw-Tittabawassee Rivers Contamination Community Advisory GroupExit


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