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EPA is conducting a five-year review of the South Minneapolis Residential Contamination Superfund site in the area surrounding Hiawatha Avenue and 28th Street in Minneapolis. The Superfund law requires regular checkups of sites that have been cleaned up – with waste managed on-site – to make sure the cleanup continues to protect people and the environment. This is the second five-year review of this site.

EPA’s cleanup of contaminants from this site consisted of removing soil with unsafe levels of arsenic at more than 600 properties. The review should be completed in spring 2019. The five-year review is an opportunity for you to tell EPA about site conditions and any concerns you have. To express concerns or comment on the site conditions, contact:

Charles Rodriguez (
Community Involvement Coordinator
(312) 886-7472

Howard Caine (
Remedial Project Manager
(312) 353-6685





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