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Draft Tar Creek Superfund Site Strategic Plan, Cleanup Progress and Plans for the Future

EPA released the draft Tar Creek Strategic Plan in March 2019. The document was developed jointly by EPA, Quapaw Nation, and the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality. The document updates the public on the progress and future plans to address contamination at the Site by identifying Near-term (2019 to 2021) and Long-Term (2022 and beyond) Milestones and Planned activities.

The comment period ended on May 10, 2019. Following a review of comments, EPA intends to release the final Tar Creek Strategic Plan by late summer 2019. 

Comments related to the work conducted on the site may be submitted using

Operable Unit 2 – Residential Areas

The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) is cleaning up residential yards making the community a cleaner and safer place to live and play. Contaminated mine waste, commonly referred to as chat was used to build roads, parking lots, alleyways, driveways, and used as general fill material. The ODEQ encourages you to ask about having your yard sampled for lead. The ODEQ will be able to tell you whether your property has been sampled, cleaned up, or work with you to find out if sampling and cleanup is necessary. Anyone within Ottawa County is eligible for ODEQ’s Residential Yard Cleanup Program. If you are unsure whether your yard has been cleaned up and would like to get on the list to have your yard or driveway sampled, please contact ODEQ’s Tar Creek Residential Cleanup Project Manager Brian Stanila at 405-702-5138 or via ODEQ’s toll-free hotline number 1-800-522-0206, or the EPA Hotline at 1-800-533-3508.

Operable Unit 4 – Chat Piles, Other Mine and Mill Waste, and Smelter Waste

The EPA continues to work closely with the Quapaw Nation and the ODEQ on the implementation of the Tar Creek Superfund Site’s (Site) remedy for mine waste. The EPA continues to award Cooperative Agreements (CAs) to both the Quapaw Nation and the ODEQ to carry out remedial actions (i.e., cleanups) at the Site.

Current Projects:

Quapaw Nation: Distal 10, 10b, and 12; CB199; and Marketable Chat

ODEQ: Beaver Creek Unrestricted Tier 1; Elm Creek Unrestricted Tier 1

Upcoming Projects:

Beaver Creek Unrestricted Tier 1

Elm Creek Unrestricted Tier 1

Distal 13 amendment – CP021 (Howe Pile)

Smelter Site


Operable Unit 5 - Surface Water and Sediment

The Data Gap Report identified sampling data that needs to be collected in order to complete the nature and extent investigation and the human health risk assessment. Based on the findings of the Data Gap Report, a Field Sample Plan and Quality Assurance Project Plan were developed to support field sampling activities completed July 10 through October 2017. Final laboratory data reports are undergoing review and database management while the team works to compile site data in a usable format such that figures and maps can be developed to support the evaluation of nature and extent. In addition, the human health risk assessment exposure pathways and input parameters are being reviewed and revised based on public comments.

The Feasibility Phase of work begain in November 2018. Once contracting requirements are completed, discussion and planning documents will be developed.





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Public Participation Opportunities

March 11, 2019 - Meet and Greet at Tar Creek, NEO College Student Center, 4:00 p.m. unitl 6:00 p.m. hosted by LEAD Agency.

EPA will participate in the Meet and Greet and provide site updates.


Tri-State Mining District Open House/Community Meeting

These are held periodcially. Check back often for any planned updates.

Tar Creek Conference

EPA participates in the Annual Tar Creek Conference held in Miami, OK

Upcoming: To Be Determined

Additional Site information can be found at the information repositories or on the internet. The repository has a variety of Site related technical documents related to studies on chat, the geology, the hydrology, and cleanup activities.

The repository for the Tar Creek Site is located at the

Miami Public Library
200 North Main Street
Miami, Oklahoma   74354

ODEQ website dedicated to Tar Creek: Tar Creek Superfund Site

In addition, documents related to Site activities can be reviewed under the Site Reports and Documents link located on the Home Page.


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Community Resources

Community involvement is the process of engaging in dialogue and collaboration with community members. The goal of Superfund community involvement is to advocate and strengthen early and meaningful community participation during Superfund cleanups.

EPA is committed to engaging dialogue and collaboration with community members.  Our goal for Superfund community involvement is to advocate and strengthen early and meaningful community participation during Superfund cleanups.  We strive to encourage and enable community members to get involved.   EPA is committed to:

  • Listen carefully to what the community is saying
  • Take the time needed to deal with community concerns
  • Change planned actions where community comments or concerns have merit
  • Keep the community well informed of ongoing and planned activities
  • Explain to the community what EPA has done and why

Community Participation - EPA welcomes the opportunity to improve our communication effort by obtaining feedback and suggestions from you.  Do you have suggestions that can improve the exchange of information or ideas that can enhance the implementation of the remediation efforts?  If so, we want to hear from you.  Your participation can make a difference!

Community Involvement Plan (CIP) -  The site CIP has been developed to identify the concerns, needs and issues of the community.  This document informs the site team about the community and the preferred ways to involve them in the site clean-up

Please follow this link for a wide variety of community involvement information: Community Involvement Resources

Information Repositories

Information Repositories containing the Administrative Record including the Record of Decision (ROD), for the Tar Creek Superfund Site is available at the following locations: 

Miami Public Library
200 North Main Street
Miami, Oklahoma   74354

Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality
707 North Robinson – 2nd Floor
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma   73102
405.702.1188 or 405.702.1000

All inquiries from the news media should be directed to the Region 6 Press Office at 214.665.2200.


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Site News Archive

Tri-State Mining District Open House/Community Meeting

March 27, 2018

August 2017 at the Ottawa County Fair

 OU2 - Open House August 2017

August 2016

Tar Creek Conference

EPA participates in the Annual Tar Creek Conference held in Miami, OK

September 2015

September 2016

September 2017

September 2018

Other Public Participation

Tribal Superfund Workgroup – Presentation April 2017

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