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This superfund site is currently subject to a temporary work pause or work schedule changes due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19. 

 We are periodically reassessing this decision and are prepared to return to the site to resume all work activities as soon as possible.

 It is important to know that the EPA maintains its ability to respond to environmental emergencies at Superfund sites, or in any situation where we are called upon to protect human health and the environment by responding to releases of chemical, oil, radiological, biological, and other hazardous materials.   

For specific questions, please contact the project manager listed on the site homepage

Treatment plants at the former Nebraska Ordnance Plant treat approximately 2,680 gallons per minute to remove TCE and RDX contamination from groundwater produced by 11 extraction wells. Wellhead ultraviolet units treat groundwater contamination resulting from explosives manufacturing at the site. The treatment plants and extraction wells can be operated remotely. A new ozone generator was installed at the Advanced Oxidation Process treatment plant to facilitate more efficient treatment of extracted groundwater.

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