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EPA and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) invite the public to review and comment on two proposed environmental cleanup plans for the Eagle Mine Superfund site.

Proposed Plan for Operable Unit 1 (OU1) – Sitewide Contamination: A new cleanup effort for sitewide contamination, referred to as OU1, is necessary because in 2009, the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission revised its water quality standards for the Eagle River as it flows through the Eagle Mine Superfund site. To comply, the transport of metals from various sources on the site to the Eagle River and to groundwater must be further reduced. CDPHE is the lead agency responsible for the proposed plan currently being presented to the public for OU1. OU1 focuses on protecting surface water by reducing metals loading to the Eagle River. The OU1 preferred cleanup alternative includes: collection and treatment of groundwater from Belden and at the mouth of Rock Creek; slight revisions to operable unit definitions; and implementation of institutional controls required by the original OU1 Record of Decision but unimplemented to date. (See more information in What is the current site status?)

Proposed Plan for Operable Unit 3 (OU3) – The North Property: A new cleanup effort at the portion of the site referred to as the North Property, or OU3, is necessary to allow that portion of the site to be reclassified for a potential residential future use. Cleanup efforts to date at the Eagle Mine Superfund site were not intended to allow for residential use of the property, which requires a more thorough cleanup scenario. EPA and the state are currently working with the property owner to make sure that all necessary investigation and cleanup steps occur to prepare the property for residential redevelopment. EPA is the lead agency responsible for the proposed plan currently being presented to the public for OU3. The OU3 proposed plan presents cleanup alternatives focusing on soil remediation necessary to protect human health due to planned development by the current landowner. The preferred alternative includes some combination of the following elements for areas at OU3 proposed for development: placing a soil exposure barrier; grading the site; implementing institutional controls; and conducting monitoring and /or demolishing structures. (See more information in Redevelopment Activity.)

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Public Participation Opportunities

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Stay Informed and Involved

Community involvement plays an important role in the Superfund process. EPA uses a number of different tools and resources to promote effective, ongoing meaningful community involvement. The goals of the Superfund community involvement program are to:

  • Keep communities affected by Superfund sites informed throughout the cleanup process.
  • Provide opportunities for the public to comment and offer input about site cleanup plans.
  • Facilitate the resolution of community and other stakeholder issues tied to a site.

EPA provides Technical Assistance Grants (TAGs) to community groups so residents can hire a technical advisor for independent review of the cleanup. The Eagle River Watershed Council, Eagle Mine Ltd., is the current TAG recipient. EPA is committed to working with members from this group and the broader community surrounding the Eagle Mine Superfund site.

For more information on EPA technical assistance opportunities, what’s going on, how to get involved, and/or how to be included on the site contact list, please contact Jennifer Chergo (, EPA Community Involvement Coordinator. Also, please see Public Participation Opportunities in the front page sidebar for news and updates on how to get involved.

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