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On May 25, 2018, EPA published the narrative descriptions and figures for the proposed future cleanup work at the Butte Priority Soils operable unit. Additionally, EPA has now published more detailed documents, known as the draft Remedial Elements Work Plan. This document provides more detailed information about these proposed cleanup projects.

Draft Final for Public Review Remedial Elements Work Plan (PDF) (54 pp, 16.2 MB, About PDF)

Your comments and input can be submitted via the Public Participation Opportunities section.

Future cleanup actions include:

  • The Blacktail Berm, Northside Tailings, and Diggings East tailings, waste, and contaminated soils removals will be performed.
  • Butte Reduction Works (BRW) tailings, waste, sediments and contaminated soils removals to be performed under remedy to provide for a clean floodplain, and the Silver Bow Creek relocation to be reconstructed through BRW corridor.
  • Removal of sediments and floodplain waste along Blacktail Creek from Grove Gulch through the confluence with upper Silver Bow Creek will occur.
  • Parrot Tailings to be removed under State Restoration.
  • Construction of additional stormwater basins and sedimentation bays.
  • Groundwater capture near the visitor’s center and slag canyon to further protect surface water quality.
  • Community visioning and participation to develop end land use options through the corridor.
  • Additional reclamation of mining impacted sites in BPSOU.

View the narrative summaries and other related documents on the proposed future cleanup actions »

EPA will hold additional availability sessions and meet with other interested stakeholders to provide more detailed information and solicit public input on the information released.

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Public Participation Opportunities

Comment on the proposed future cleanup actions in the Butte Priority Soils Operable Unit »

Note: The comments submitted via the link above do not constitute formal public comments for proposed future cleanup actions. Opportunity for formal comments will be solicited when EPA announces a public comment period for the upcoming Proposed Plan for a Record of Decision Amendment.

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Community Resources

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Pit Watch is a website that monitors the water levels in the Berkeley Pit and provides information about the history and cleanup of the site to the public.

Citizens Technical Environmental Committee (CTEC) is a group of volunteer citizens who work with EPA, the State of Montana, responsible parties, and others to make the Superfund process and cleanup decisions in the Butte and Clark Fork Basin area of Montana understandable to everyone. CTEC manages a website that provides a listing of updates and recent news.

Atlantic Richfield’s Butte Cleanup Data Site is a website where the public can find information and data about the remediation of the Butte Priority Soils Superfund site.

The City and County of Butte-Silver Bow maintains a Superfund Division Web page that includes information and resources about the Superfund designation in Butte and the Residential Metals Abatement Program.

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