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The Army is preparing a Record of Decision for Operable Unit 15 under Superfund. This will include a combination of removals, fencing, and institutional controls across five munitions areas.

A lab-scale study is in progress to determine the rate and mechanism for natural degradation of contaminants in groundwater. This is to determine if a monitored natural attenuation remedy for groundwater is achievable. Improvements in the groundwater modelling program continue, and can assist in this determination.

Groundwater treatment at this location was found to be ineffective and has been discontinued. The water treatment facility was decommissioned in 2016-17. Studies continue, to identify an appropriate groundwater remedy.

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Public Participation Opportunities

The Tooele Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) meets twice per year, in spring and fall. Meetings are announced in the local newspaper. The public is welcome.

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