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Removal Action Update: The City and County of Denver (CCoD) is constructing the Globeville Landing Outfall Project on a portion of the VB/I-70 Superfund site, Operable Unit 2, in the vicinity of the Denver Coliseum. This work requires the excavation of potentially contaminated materials, including metals in soils and landfill debris. EPA and the State of Colorado are overseeing CCoD’s work to ensure that there are stringent measures in place to protect human health and the environment and to minimize impacts to the community.

For more information about the Globeville Landing Outfall project, please go to What is the Current Site Status? or visit CCoD’s site page [Exit].

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Community Advisory Group

The Community Advisory Group for the VB/I-70 Superfund Site currently meets monthly. For more information about these meetings, including by-laws, agendas, minutes, meeting dates and times, and more, please visit the City and County of Denver’s site page [Exit].

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