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Community Advisory Group

There is a Community Advisory Group associated with the US Magnesium Superfund site. This is a group of people who represent federal, state, and local governments, local groups and organizations and individuals who have official capacity or have simply shown interest in learning about activities at the site and sharing information. Meetings are advertised in the Tooele Transcript newspaper, on this website and via email. If you are interested in attending a community advisory group meeting and would like to be notified of an upcoming meeting by email, please contact Jennifer Chergo to be placed on our contact list.

In 2013, representatives from the Friends of the Great Salt Lake applied for and received an EPA Technical Assistance Grant (TAG). A TAG recipient receives funds to hire an independent technical advisor to help interpret information and data about the site for the group. The TAG group then assists in communicating site information to the community at-large.

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Site News Archive

In 2012, EPA finalized the site Community Involvement Plan, the guiding document for community involvement and outreach activities at the site. Friends of the Great Salt Lake has since applied for and been awarded a Technical Assistance Grant from EPA to assist in disseminating site information to the community. EPA has hosted informational meetings and brought a core group of site stakeholders together at community advisory group meetings.

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