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EPA is currently evaluating Vapor Intrusion risk in the vicinity of former industrial source areas  of both North and South Indian Bend Wash where contaminants were released to the ground.  This is being conducted in response to the recommendations of the Second Five Year Review that was completed in 2016.   Vapor Intrusion, a process by which chemical vapors and gasses in contaminated soils can migrate into buildings,  was not an identified exposure pathway at the time the cleanup plans documented in the Records of Decision were established in the late 1980s.  The toxicity values for trichlorethylene (TCE), one of the main contaminants of concern have also been revised to reflect that TCE is more toxic than previously understood, also triggering this evaluation.  EPA is also re- evaluating risk from vapor emissions from groundwater extraction and treatment facilities in response to the recommendations of the Second Five Year Review and revised TCE toxicity values.

Groundwater in the South Indian Bend Wash  (SIBW) Area in Tempe met drinking water standards in all monitoring wells sampled for the first time during the October 2016 annual sampling event.  EPA is moving into the close-out phase for the SIBW groundwater operable unit.



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